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Not sure what (if anything) is going on

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I need input! SO, I got my BFP at 12 dpo. At 13 and 14 dpo the tests got darker a shade at a time. (FRER, FMU). I didn't take another test until 16 dpo, same brand, FMU. This time it was a shade lighter. I tried not to read anything into it (really, I did!). Today, 18 dpo, I took another test. FMU, but my last Dollar Tree hpt. It was positive, but fairly faint. Of course I can't really compare it to the FRER test because they are not the same brand. I have had symptoms all along, but just nothing very dramatic yet, which would be reassuring, LOL. My boobs are tender and swollen but today actually way less than yesterday which is unsettling. No spotting, no bleeding.


Should I be concerned, or is this fairly normal? I can't get my beta #s because my health insurance doesn't kick in until 8/1. So I really have no clue. If my levels are dropping, how soon would I start bleeding?



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I don't have an answer for you but I couldn't read without wishing you the best and hoping that things work out for you!hug2.gif

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Thanks! I know worrying doesn't help anything, but I can't help it. I had an early m/c in between my 2 sons, it would have been right around the same time. I know there are no guarantees, but if I even make it to 6 weeks I will be able to relax a little more.... right now I feel like I am still in the two week wait!

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I am so sorry and it is hard not to try and make something of the tests. However, if the FRER were not all form the same lot that could be a reason for the discrepancy, they can all have a different amount of dyes. I suppose you could try to get some more $1 test and check to see if they are the same lots before you buy them and see if that gives you any peace of mind, but it still may not because those tings can be fickle no matter what. Try to hang in there, I will be wish some strong obvious symptom to come to you very soon!

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What Sarah said, all the way (((hugs)))

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Thanks ladies. The First Response were all from the same box, but I just bought another pack and took one this afternoon (so not even FMU) and it was darker. Not as dark as the control line, but it came up right away. I think I just need to stop obsessing...lol. The only thing I can think of is that I had been really well hydrated the last time I took a FRER test, even though it was FMU maybe it diluted things a bit. As far as the Dollar Tree- it might be the lot, I don't know, my first BFP was with the Dollar Tree test but it was WAY fainter than the FRER so I just think the cheapie tests aren't as good.


I'm just going to assume all is well until proven otherwise ;)

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