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Feeling worthless(stay at home mom n preg)

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I stay at home with a 3 year old n 1 year old n just entered my 3rd trimester carring my 1st girl! But with this pregnancy I am so depressed I live in st croix virgin islands don't have a clue where to go for help.. But I am afraid to ask cause I know we can't afford it..I feel so jealouse n paranoid.. N fat ! I try not looking at myself in the mirror n it's hard to sleep through the night! My boys r a handfull.. I can't afford to send my eldest son to school till January so been teaching him..I wish there were a support group on the island where I live:-(
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*Hugs* I hear you about feeling useless, in my first trimester with this one I was lucky to get one thing done a day before I collapsed on the couch whining. I felt awful everyone else had to do my jobs for me. Ended up offending them since they were more than willing to serve and I imagined them begrudging me about it. I'm feeling better now (2nd tri) but mostly just get a couple household things done early then just try to make sure my boys stay alive the rest of the day. It's summer, I figure we're supposed to have a break when it's hot anyhow.


http://www.postpartum.net has some resources you can access from anywhere, 1-800-944-4PPD (4773) is their warmline they might be able to connect you with some help, if only someone to call and talk to (it's answered m-f 11am to 7:30pm your time I think). They have a free phone counseling group on Wednesdays you just call in to it.


Have you talked to your OB or MW? Whoever you're seeing for this pregnancy should be able to find you resources or maybe even help to counsel you themselves. You might need diet changes, supplements, or medication to straighten out how you're feeling as well as counseling.


You're growing a person, remember that even if you get nothing done all day you're doing that. And you're full of life, people used to (occasionally still do) worship goddess images of big round pregnant ladies. So, at this time in your life, big is beautiful, and powerful, and amazing.

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I live in St.Maarten and am a sahm to 3 kids. had my 3rd here. mine went to Montessori for 3 yrs and this past year I homeschooled mostly due to lack of funds. It's tough and I hear you. maybe when your son starts school it will open up a whole world of friendships etc. I would say look for playgroups, but if it's anything like here there are none! I stay sane by going to our library, zoo, beach..sigh!  Dr's are pretty cheap here so at least look into it. all the best to you. My 3rd was my only girl too!

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Thank you! I haven't because this pregnancy I been through so much heart tests..that was so costly.. I guess the baby hormones maybe giving me double beats or I have a whole between the two parts of my heart giving me a heart hummer that looks like double beats! They want to take more tests so I kind of been suffering silently! N putting on a plastic smile at the OB so they don't send me for anymore tests! But I will look into it cause I may need a lil help! Thaks again!
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Congrats on ur pregnancy! Pray u have a safe delivery n a healthy beautiful baby.
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