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Non-Vax/IntegrativeHolistic Pediatrician in Houston, TX

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Hello mamas.


Before our DD was born I was on the fence about vaccinations just from seeing all of the news stories about the bad side of vaccinations. I also teach children with autism and mental retardation and most mothers seemed to link their child's onset of autism with a vaccine. One mom told me that her child "screamed for hours the day of the vaccine and never made eye contact with her again"... I also had another parent tell me that after her son's 6 month vaccines he his behavior has completely changed.


A wonderful co-worker gave me a copy of "Vaccinations: A Thoughful Parents Guide" and it was a great, informative read. I initially was going to do delayed vax'ing but when our daughter was born I knew there was no way I would be able to go through with it.


My daughter had her 2 month well-baby check up yesterday. Her pediatrician asked me were we vaccinating today and I told her that we were not. She looked at me with a here-we-go-again look and asked "Why". She informed me that she is willing to bend and do delayed vax'ing but if we decided not to vaccinate that the practice wouldn't allow us to come back. irked.gif  (She is being seen through a pediatrician at Texas Children's Pediatric Associates). I did tell a little white-lie and say that we were delaying all vax'es until 6 months...that will give us time to research and find a doctor who respect our decisions.


I have talked with a few moms who have recommended Dr. Alexander Injac but when I called their office the nurse informed me that Dr. Injac was no longer accepting new patients who are refusing the CDC Immunization Schedule. I was also given a recommendation to Dr. Phuong Dang but her office doesn't accept my insurance greensad.gif


I am in search of a doctor who is non-vax friendly and also "parent empowering". (I am also against signing the AAP's vaccine refusal form.) I am very open to a family practice doctor so that DH and I can be seen there also. We live in north Houston but I am willing to travel if someone is highly recommended.


Thanks so much for any recommendations,


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Cassandra Dickerson is supportive of parents making their own choices.

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Hi, I have also been looking for a doctor who was willing to service us in Houston. For a city with 4+ million people, I would have thought my search would have been easier. I am currently pregnant, and just started my research a couple of months ago, and I am really wanting to do my own schedule- the process has been very frustrating.


Let me know if you find anyone who will see you.


Take care,


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Our pediatrician is Dr. Kalia at Nassau Bay Pediatric Group 150 E. Medical Center Blvd, Webster, TX 77598 Phone: (281) 212-2400. She is not "holistic" per say, but she believes that as long as you have done your due diligence in making the decision, it is your child and your right to decide whether or not to vaccinate. When I told took my daughter to her 2 month appointment, Dr. Kalia asked if we were doing shots today. I said no, and she said "Okay. Do you know how to get a wavier for childcare if you need it?" That was it, end of discussion. I was so relieved after hearing horror stories of pediatricians making moms cry or threatening to call CPS. She's a far trip for you, but you will have no vaccine issues.

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Hi jnipp2009- thank you so much for the information- we live in the clear lake area, so this will be a great choice.

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Hi.  Is Dr Dickerson located in Sugarland? 

Thank you

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Originally Posted by rubasfad View Post

Hi.  Is Dr Dickerson located in Sugarland? 

Thank you


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I have been to Dr. Krenie Stowe a few times after running into the frustrations with judgmental Houston doctors. She is a great ped and very much leaves the decision with the parent.
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I have also heard that Dr.Toshio Yamauchi in Sugarland/Richmond is a good choice, as well.  His number is 281.980.1020.  I'll be trying him soon.

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Magnolia is probably farther than you'd like to drive, but I'd like to throw out another fabulous option for any non-vaxxers....Dr. Paul Dibble (Simple Traditions Family Health) is by far the most like-minded practioner that I've ever met!  In fact, he wont even adminster ANY vax except Tetnus.  He gives all his patients his personal cell # and asks you to call him after hours if you need him.  He will even make house calls!!  Who does that?!!  ONLY drawback is that he is self-pay($60 office visit)....but if you have a flex-spending account you can submit to insurance yourself.  Check out his website:  stfhealth.com

St. stuite 250  Magnolia, TX  77354  281-259-7400

He even homeschools his own kidsthumbsup.gif

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Yes, go to Krenie Stowe.  She is half an hour outside of central Houston but it's worth the drive.  She's awesome and non-judgmental.  Dr. Injac is no longer taking families who choose not to vax.

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Dr. Stone with Texas Children's Pediatrics Friendswood really pushes for vax, but supports parents making their own decisions. She is a great doctor, and we spent half an hour discussing vax with her yesterday. 

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a doctor like this that is located closer to Beltway 8 and I 10 west that does take insurance?  Dibble sounds awesome, but I really hate the flex spending account... hehe

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