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Looks like I may be first. . .

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My water broke at work yesterday afternoon.  I was 33 weeks yesterday.  I called Dr. and headed to the hospital.  They've got me on antibiotics, steriods to mature the lungs and bed rest.  My fluid at my BPP on Tuesday was a little over 10, today it measured 3.7. . . so I was definitley ruptured.   The nurse checked me when I got there, and my cervix was high, and very tightly closed  - she said not even a pinhole dialated.   This afternoon my contractions have picked up some and I'm having some pink tinged discharge, so I'm hopeful I'll continue progressing.  I get my second steroid injection this evening and they are planning on delivering via C-Section Saturday morning if nothing is looking more favorable. . . I was really hoping for a VBAC, but overall, I want what's best for the baby in the end. 


Maybe send me some labor vibes tonight and tomorrow if you can, I'll keep you all updated.   Right now contractions are 5 - 20 minutes apart, and not strong feeling at all.  Occasionally, I'll have one that I can really feel, but nothing painful, maybe just a little distracting. 


I'm really loving my Dr - He's being great, neo-natologist is great, he was one of dd's Dr.'s 12 years ago, although I don't remember him. 


FYI, right now my Bishop's score is a 1, so it's looking like a probable C-section. 

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Oh no! Sending some natural labor vibes your way. I really, really hope you get your vbac!!! And of course that baby is strong and healthy. luxlove.gif

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Good vibes for you and your baby.  Sounds like you have a great team caring for you and your LO.  Rest up and let the steroids do their thing! :)

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Thinking of you and your little one, hope you both stay safe and healthy!

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Sending productive labor vibes when necessary, but a healthy baby overall!!!!  Prayers for all involved!

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may you birth at the best time and in the best way for you and little one!  We'll be thinking of you

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Oh my goodness! I guess we won't be seeing each other at a prenatal appointment!

Good luck! And lots of good thoughts going your way!
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thoughts your way momma! can they get you a pump all set up and maybe get an IBCLC on stand by if you are having trouble advocating for bmilk to your tiny babe.

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Oh my!  Sending healthy baby & VBAC vibes your way!  I agree, def. see a lactation consultant if you need help getting milk to your babe.

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Sending natural labour, and healthy, strong baby vibes your way!

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Oh my goodness! Will be thinking of you and your sweet baby. Hope it all goes smoothly!
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Sending positive and healing thoughts your way.  Not to mention labour vibes.

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Thinking of you and your little one.

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Hope all is well, we're thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts! heartbeat.gif

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Thinking of you and your little one!

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Sounds like you are in great hands. I'll definitely be thinking about you and baby!
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All the best, thinking of you Amysue.

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Any updates op?
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I was just reading through spinningbabies' exercises. Maybe some of them will help? Sometimes it's just comforting to be able to do something while waiting for progress, and sometimes those make a big difference.


Sending you thoughts toward a positive experience full of respect and flexibility and ending with health and vitality all around.

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Oh wow. Sending good thoughts!

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