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I hope y'all are doing well, and are surrounded by strength, love, and peace!
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Strong, healthy, happy vibes to you and your little one!!!

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Just checking for updates! Hope all is going well AmySue!

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Happy healthy baby and mommy vibes to you! I was born at 33 weeks and went home only 10 days later.

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Thinking of you and hoping all is well! My nephew was born at 32 weeks two years ago and spent just over two weeks in the NICU. He's a happy, healthy strong nearly two year old now! Best wishes!
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Wow, hope everything goes really well whatever comes, looking forward to an update about you and your baby stillheart.gif

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Kathryn Gayle was born yesterday morning via C/S. . . she is doing well in the Nicu.  She was intubated but the amount of help she needed to breathe was minimal.  Dh said they kept backing the assistance down all day and expect her to be breathing on her own later today.  I've instructed no bottles or pacifiers, they have some finger-feeders they can use and my nurse will have a pump for me right after breakfast. 


Yesterday my temp dropped to 92 degrees in recovery so I spent the afternoon and evening being super-warmed up.  At one point they had the thermostat in my room turned to 85, had me in some type of blanket that blew warm air underneath and numerous blankets on top of that.  I sure didn't feel cold, in fact, I've never felt so hot in my life!  All is well now and I hope to visit Baby Kathryn (or Kit Kat as dd is calling her) as soon as they can get me out of bed this morning. 


Crystal - Dr. B was amazing.  I was pretty out of it this afternoon but I remember a few times looking up and he was sitting at the end of my bed with me.  All the nurses/anesthesiaologist everybody else had left the room, except for dh.  I was pretty much just sleeping but he stayed there for a long time. . . pretty amazing guy in my opinion!!

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Congrats momma! Hope the pumping goes okay. Get your LC contacts lined up incase you have issues. It sounds like little girl is a strong one so hopefully you'll be finger feeding and then breastfeeding faily soon. Does the nursery offer kangaroo care once baby is off the breathing assistance? 

I wonder is there a premie forum with in mothering?

 I think if you google "breastfeeding and premature" you'll see some sites links on support/ideas.

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Oh WOW, congratulations amysue!!! Welcome to the world, Kathryn Gayle!!!

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Congratulations!  Sending love and warm wishes to mama and sweet babe! love.gif

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Congratulations Amysue! Welcome Kathryn! Good luck maturing and learning to breathe on your own! Amysue, I am so glad you received great care and are back to a proper temperature!

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Welcome, baby Kathryn! Congrats amysue, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Congrats mama! Take care of yourselves and update when you can!
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Congratulations! I hope the two of you are doing really well! I hope you have some bonding time very soon!!
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Congratulations AmySue! Welcome Baby Katherine! Wishing you both a smooth and speedy recovery!

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Congratulations!  And welcome little Katherine!  

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Congratulations Amysue and welcome to the world Kathryn.

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Aww, welcome Kathryn! luxlove.gif Katherine was my #1 pick for a girls name so I love it! LOL


I'm happy to hear you're both on the mend. 

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Welcome baby Kathryn! Beautiful name choice! My dd2 is a Katherine!
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