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Kathryn is such a cute name! Congratulations!!! 

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Congratulations amysue! I hope little Kathryn keeps doing so well!
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Congratz! I'm glad to hear that both you and Kathryn are doing well. Sending wishes for speedy improvements so you can both go home and just snuggle and bond.

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Congrats Amysue and welcome little Kathryn!  Glad you are doing well.

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Congratulations Amysue, Welcome to the world Kathryn!!!joy.gif

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I got to hold her twice today. . . it was amazing!  Tried bfing once, she did okay for being so early.  They took her off the vent this morning and said she's doing really well.  She has the squishiest cheeks I've ever seen on a newborn. . . she looks just like Dh's newborn pics - he was born at 44 weeks and was a healthy 9 lber. . . she looks like a smaller version of him as a newborn.  Dd got to hold her today as well. . . she was in heaven!  soooo cute to see her loving on her little sister!  I took a couple of really cute pics with dd's Ipod while she was holding Baby K, I'll try and post one here a little later. 

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Congratulations mama and welcome Kathryn!! So glad you got to hold her and try bfing. Will continue to think breathe and grow thoughts for her!

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Congratulations! Remember, the more skin to skin she gets, the better she will breathe and breastfeed. And that's skin to skin from anyone, including dad or sister.



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Congratulations!  I love how you spelled Kathryn's name, and I'm so glad she's doing well.

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Congratulations... the world can always use more Kathryns.  Or Kit Kats or Katies or baby K's or Katts.  :D

Sounds like she's doing really well.  I hope you all can go home soon.

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