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Finding an OB - help!

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I'm married to a pediatrician who will never concede to a home birth (he sees all the things that can go wrong). I would like to have as natural a birth as possible, preferably at Good Sam, possibly at one of the two birthing centers in downtown Phoenix. Any suggestions or experiences with the birthing centers or any OB practices, that may have midwives as well or are more supportive of natural birth? Also, any OB's that may cater to athletes if that exists? Thanks!

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I don't know Good Sam.  I had a great, basically intervention-free birth at Scottsdale Healthcare - Shea, with Dr. Shannon, who I had not met before the birth, but who respectfully stood back and watched me have a baby.  I know she's been ill, but if she's back in practice, she might be worth seeking out.

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Join the Arizona Moms and Doulas FB group here:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/335929826481918/

Many of the doulas and midwives who have experience with Good Sam and the Phoenix birthing centers are a part of the group and can give you great advice on which OBs to try.  Join and ask any questions you have!

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