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1st postpartum period

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When I had DS, my first pp period came at 5.5 months, and from charting, I knew my fertility was back because I could see that I was ovulating each month from that point on (luteal phase was a bit short in the beginning, but lengthened as the months went on). That was with exclusive breastfeeding.  I was so happy and grateful that I conceived my DD on my 8th pp cycle-- at my age, I don't feel I have a lot of time!


I'm wondering, if one is doing pretty much the same thing for each pregnancy (i.e.,same level of health, breastfeeding the same frequency, etc.) would one's body generally follow the same timeline?  I'm really hoping my pp period after this pregnancy comes back as quickly.  And my fertility along with it.


For those of you who have 2 or more children, what have you noticed about the return of your pp periods and fertility-- has it been about the same length of time for each?

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My first came back at three months, my second at seven weeks.  So I am expecting even sooner this time.  I exclusively nurse on demand.    Iactually keep having dreams (nightmares!) that I am pregnant already.

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my pp period didn't really come back until 2.5yrs pp with DD & DS1--and with both i started taking special herbal supps and doing dietary changes to jump-start things...thus quite a spell spent in the ttc forum. :)

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my first was not bf but my 2 daughters were and bth times it came back exactly at 21 mo pp. i am not counting on it though. it would be just my luck that it would come back earlier this time, like at 6 weeks and surprise me. so i will start charting my cm as soon as i stop bleeding. 

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Like Nicole, I also had a very short time w/out AF.  It was about 3 months with DD 1.  I felt like I barely got any time after PP bleeding until AF started.  I had been counting on a break since I was BFing on demand, but no such luck, so this time I am not getting my hopes up.  I  had a hard time conceiving number 2, even though I have always had very regular periods, every 26-27 days on the button, and other fertility signs, but as I do not want another baby right away, and I have heard of a number of surprise babies after struggles with infertility (pregnancy "primes the pump" as my husband would say), I will be assuming the return of AF means fertility too, still not sure what type of BC I will be going for.

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So far, based on the responses thus far, it seems like one's body is fairly consistent when it comes to pp periods... Here's hoping my body follows suit!


sraplayas, I remember being with you in the ttc forum... CA, you were in there, too, I believe?  I'm grateful we have our babies now!

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yes, i remember, too tenzins and ca!


are you thinking of another baby in the future?


just hours after birthing DS2, i starting thinking about having another baby. is that strange? i told the midwives and they laughed. maybe the high from labor, but i still would like one more if it is possible---just not a pregnancy this year, that would be tough! and then there is, of course, having my first pp period, which is really the topic of this thread (sorry if i got off track a bit!)..

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I will continue being slightly off topic to say- yes I remember both of you ladies from the ttc threads; I also cheer that we got successfully to this side. And I am not sure about another babe.  I am 36 and not one of those mother goddess, perfect pregnancy ladies (although I have often wished I was); I get really frustrated about the things I can not do and tend to get rising BP and worried docs by the last few weeks.  I also like a bit of a gap between LO's since I love my job and am a bit overwhelmed about the thought of 2 babies at once  However, I am one of 4 myself and love my sibs more than anything, so I could very well hit 40, with a 4 yr old and a 10 year old, and desperately wamt another. I am not counting it out, but we tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant this time, so I count my blessings and I am ok if my 2 beautiful girls are all the kids I get.  On the PP period front- I have really bad cramps for the 1st 1.5 days and kind of a short cycle, so I like the break if I can get it.

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I was thinking of this same question and my midwife said that women are usually pretty regular about when they get their first PP AF.  I got mine at 9 or 10 months PP with DS1 and I'm hoping it's the same this time.  My husband and I actually BD'd at 5 weeks and afterwards I said, what if I get pregnant?  The look on his face was priceless.  I guess he was so excited that we got to BD that he didn't even consider that my fertility could come back so soon.  lol.gif

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sraplayas, your'e not off topic, because I'm thinking about periods/fertility/more babies right now.  I'm totally wanting another baby and I'm so hoping my first pp period comes soon.  Not that I expect (or want) anything to happen right away, but rather, it'll just be a relief if it looks like my body is back to functioning.  Maybe it's reassurance that I'm not heading down the road to pre-menopause anytime soon, too... But I just feel in my heart that I'm not done having children, you know?  I wish that I had met DH2 a lot sooner, so I wouldn't be up against the clock.  Guess I said that in my first post... But it's really on my mind!  DH says he is happy with 2, but I know that he's really tired right now... It will be interesting to see how he is feeling about things in a few months.  What about your DH?


On that note, CA, yup-- I guess we wont' really know how we feel until we get 'there', heh. 


AndtheStars, I also remember you from ttc!  There, you had me laughing so much with things you wrote... as with the above.  We BD'd at 7 weeks, and DH was the same-- didn't even consider a possible return of fertility.  So happy about doing it; it's been 'forever' thanks to the previa.  Do you know if you want another baby?


When I saw the midwife for the 6 week pp visit, as well as the OB who did my c/s at the 6 week mark, they both asked me about contraception.  I almost laugh at that, since it's not like I've got pregnant that easily in the past.  I suppose it is possible though that something could happen.  I've had a couple people tell me that for many people, once you have been pregnant, it's like you are 'primed' to become pregnant again and it could be easier. 

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