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WWYD as far as progesterone and HCG testing

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ok, just found out this morning..history of MC, in the care of an RE but haven't seen her in 9 mo.  I could go in today and have BW done but I am really not sure if I want to know.  My progesterone has been fine with previous pregnancies, thats the only one I am worried about.  Slightly.  We are going to NYC on Sunday, and won't even be here monday, so I couldn't do the 2nd day BW until NEXT TUES!  I think I'd rather think the universe knows how needed and wanted this baby is and is going to take care of everything, rather than be my analytical crazy Type A usual self.  Just confused.  Any suggestions?

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Hmmm... such a hard decision.  I got bloodwork for the first time this pregnancy because of my losses.  I was mainly concerned about progesterone, too.  Which ended up being really low so I got supplements.  So the test caused a bit of stress because of the low numbers, but I was able to supplement which made me feel better...  


That prob doesn't help you make your decision!!! Maybe think about what you can gain from knowing the numbers... and see if it's worth the stress of waiting.  Or you could just get progesterone drawn if that is what you are worried about and not have to go in for a second draw.

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This is a tough one. I had 2 healthy children then 2 miscarriages. So, with this pregnancy I wanted to mentally prepare myself if it was another loss. Luckily the HCG and progesterone came back strong and it was a relief. But, if it ambigous, I think it would've just added to the anxiety.

So, it's one of those things, if the results are good, it's great. If the results are bad....

With all your losses, I think an early-ish ultrasound at 7-ish weeks would give you the most comfort. But, in the end, you just need to do whatever will give you the most peace. Good luck.
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thank you for the suggestions ladies.  I called my Ob and we just did pro, I really don't want to know .  I've been in beta hell before, but I just can't add more stress to my plate right now.  So even though she won't know the pro # until monday, she started me on suppositories.  From there, it went down hill, as my insurance won't cover it so they want $350 for a 2 week supply, and no one can figure out if the OTC pro cream will work.  I spent 2 hrs at CVS yesterday, our crunchy pharm, and on the phone with Caremark.  RI-DICK-U-LESS!  so until Monday, I am doing Progesta Plus cream, hoping it does something

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were the suppositories brandname?  Endometrin or something like that??? Those are premade and sooo costly! Being in Boston, I am sure there is a compounding pharmacy around there.  It is much cheaper.  I paid $90 (no insurance coverage for prescriptions for me) for sixty 100mg progesterone suppositories at a compounding pharmacy.  Perhaps your OB could write you a script for that instead??L


I hope you get good progesterone #s!!!

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I go to the compounding pharmacy and get 30 50mg suppositories for 25 bucks - I would definitely look into a compounding pharmacy!

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thanks for the help girls!  It was Crinone 8% gel with 90mg pro per dose but ......I DONT NEED IT!  Doc said my # from Friday was 24.5, which is great and so much higher than my previous losses so I am psyched

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