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Clearly I need to get DH reading some Ina May cause he just can't go there. Not fair!


It would be fun! And a distraction from this horrible waiting! And might get things going! And let me tell you, with 3 surprise babies out of our 4 children, I'm going to be really nervous until one of us takes the initiative and gets fixed, so this is the last time for a while that I  won't be worried about getting pregnant. Also, makes me feel like a huge unattractive whale. Sad.


Ah forty week hormones make for such a weepy vulnerable me. I am so sad to not feel closer to DH right now.

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::hugs:: I know for some men it just weirds them out DTD knowing that baby is in there! It did with DH but wanting to get things started we DTD twice one night and alas 6 hours later baby Sebastian was in our arms! It might be worth some convincing ;)

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We had a terrific sex life with my first pregnancies- didn't slow us down at all. But for some reason this time around DH was really freaked out about it and couldn't get over the idea of the pregnancy and not wanting to hurt me or the baby. It was really frustrating and a little tough on my self esteem. It's carried over a little post pregnancy, too. I'm confident things will get back to normal, but it's a hard reminder of how important sexuality is in the overall health of our relationship because I've definitely felt a gap in our connection, too. I just try to remind myself that pregnancy and a new baby have created a lot of changes for both of us, and I have to be patient with the way he processes those changes, too.
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Hugs, mama.  Sex was weird for us this time around, too.   Not sure what it was about this baby, but it was SO hard to find a good position, and that kind of deterred DH, I think.  Then, my midwife mapped my belly, so for the last week I had a giant drawing of a baby on me--didn't really do much for DH's comfort level, lol.  But, like triple07 said, it might be worth convincing and working for.  It's what got the ball rolling over here, too.  Hang in there.  The time is near.

Mothering › Groups › July 2012 Birth Club › Discussions › Sex!!