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Can I just say...(regarding vax forum)

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I sent a new mom here last week because she has questions and was leaning towards not vaxxing. She was looking for some information about selective/delayed. She didnt start an account, just looked through the forum and when I saw her yesterday she told me this:

"I read through stuff for a couple of hours, but I didnt want to join in out of fear that I would be treated like an idiot for asking a question and my thread would just become a place for people to bitch at each other. It's impossible to learn anything in between all the regular posters' personal conflicts."

Ouch. She didnt even bother to look at Life with a Babe, in our tribe, or at any other forum because she visited this forum first and assumed that the whole board would be the same.
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I don't blame her.  :(

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Has she been on other message boards? I feel like the conflicts here are much more tame compared to other places. I'm sorry she didn't find info she needed. Maybe suggest she read the archives regarding the specific vaccines/diseases she has questions about?

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Is she new to the internet?

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I think it's pretty hot and heavy around here. Whether o not it's worse than the rest of the Internet doesn't change the fact that it is NOT a very friendly environment to a new poster actually seeking information.
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I agree with your friend and with Rrrrrachel. While I read quite a few mothering posts, I seldom put in my $.02 and never ask personal questions because it can seem more like a feisty crowd of condescending know-it-alls than a supportive community. Yeah, there's plenty of that on the internet, but this place presents itself differently, and ive been pretty disappointed with it.
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littlec and Michelle,
No, she is not new to the internet, yes, she has been to other messageboards. I told her Mothering was different, Mothering was a place where people didnt fight over small, frivolous stuff and drag interpersonal drama into every thread. Im sad that she started out on this part of the board because that is exactly what it looks like.

I agree with Rrrachel. I remember when i first came her to research vaccines- there was not all this back and forth one line posting that made it seem like a place to come argue, not a place to do research or find good information. I'd love to see it get back to people posting in a more respectful manner and with a greater amount of information- fewer opinions, more proof.
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Isn't this why those of us who post often are supposed to put new threads on this board, not the "Researching the Vaccine Question" board?That's supposed to be for the total newbies - and it's really not that right now in my opinion. 


I for one will not start any threads there anymore (except about really basic interesting new resources - like I did with the online course thread). Any debate I think is supposed to be here. 


 Anyway I tuned out for a couple of weeks recently because of busy work schedule, and when I come back all the active posts seem to be back over there. So the question is - should we be ignoring threads over there if they're not right for the board. Or can we flag them to get them moved to the main vaccination board, and leave that one for the beginners? I'm not really sure what the best etiquette is.... 


 Having said that my experience on here isn't totally negative. I try hard to be respectful and keep the posts factual and evidence linked. I think if someone posted a question who hadn't been on here before it'd be fine. 

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This is a concern we've had for a long time now but still haven't figured out how to address it. It would be great if you would share your thoughts on my proposals here: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1361124/vaccinations-forum-which-of-the-following-do-you-feel-would-be-best/0_100

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