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Books/resources for baby's first year

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I'm starting to think about the kinds of things I'm going to want to know when the baby is born — not the obvious change the diaper, swaddle info, but more developmental awareness, communication, etc. Does anyone have any books/resources they loved for learning about their newborn's first few months and on into a year? I read that Your Amazing Newborn is a good recommendation. Anything else?

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I really liked "What to Expect the First Year".  But, I already know a ton about child development due to my job, so I might not be the best person to give a recommendation. 


What I really liked about that book, if my memory serves me, is that it gives 3 different categories about what to expect for each month.  The 1st category is what your child definitly should be doing at a certain age.  The 2nd is something what most children are doing, but your child might not be and that is OK.  And the 3rd is what some children are doing, but most are not.  I like that b/c the range of normal is HUGE.  For example, some 13 months olds are starting to talk while others might not start to say any words at all until 16-18 months-- both are normal (I am a speech pathologist- not a know-it-all)  LOL    Anyway- when they break down developmental milestones like that, it gives parents some relief to know that not all children are doing that specific skill.


Hopefully others can give their opinions too!!


It's exciting to think about baby and NOT just our pregnancy woes!!!  :) 

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I liked The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. It's attachment parenting focused. Talks a lot about stages, etc. It was reccomended by my midwife last time. I also have the What to Expect book, but it was a hand me down. I definitely consulted it though.



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Thanks, you two. Good to have a place to start!

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You know...I think there was one published by Mothering that I really loved. It covered the stages of development and all of that, but also included a HUGE section on how to deal with various illnesses naturally. Anyone remember the title of that one? Because there's really nothing scarier than the first time your baby gets the sniffles and it's 3 in the morning! But I remember that book being very helpful about when to react and when to let nature take it's course. Not to mention it was very AP-geared since it was published via Mothering.

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The Sears Baby Book literally answered all of our questions for the first two years. Sweetie and I were just talking about it and realized that we gave away all our copies ages ago. We'll have to pick up a new one, in case this kid has different questions that we don't remember the answers to:-).

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Pregnova-- was it natural family living?? Love that book and look at it often. I guess i was only thinking about dev milestones. I do want to get the dr. Sears book too- hopefully the library has it!!
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I've read the DR Sears books and love them!!  Very easy to read, with accurate information! Very attachment parenting oriented.


I also LOVE the no cry sleep solution by Elizabeth Pantley.  I'm rereading it now as a refresher because I remember trying very hard to read it when DS was about 4 months old, and was only sleep a total of 6 hours a day.  I'm not planning on putting Baby on a schedule, but it has some interesting information about newborn sleep patterns. I will have a plan for if this little one gets older and isn't sleeping very well. I also LOVE that she is a real parent of 4 kids and states several times you have to take what works for you from her book, but it also contains research based concepts. 

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The Gentle First Year by Dr. Gowri Motha is a beautiful book - one of the best (her Gentle Birthing is great too!)



You Are Your Child's First Teacher by Baldwin Dancy is one of my favorites


I just ordered: 

Trust and Wonder: A Waldorf Approach to Living and Working with Infants and Toddlers by

Eldbjørg Gjessing Paulsen


and also found this nice website with this lovely article if you are into Waldorf parenting:



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I also liked Your Baby and Child by Penelope Leach.  I didn't agree with everything she said but I did like the way that she looks at things from the child's perspective.  I think it creates empathy for behaviors that would otherwise seem inexplicable.  It isn't specifically AP but it is thoughtful and open to a wide variety of parenting. 

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