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Newbie here =)

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Hi Everyone


My name is Lee and my partners name is Mandy. We have been together for almost 8 years. We have been TTC for a 1 year most of the year we did at home insemination. We started seeing a Fertility Dr and on July 4th we found out we were pregnant!!!!! 


We are over the moon excited, we had our first ultrasound today and we have one lil bean growing! We are 5 weeks and 5 days today!!!


Baby dust.gifto all who are TTC'ing

& happy and healthy 9 months to all who have conceived!

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Welcome to MDC and congratulations on your new pregnancy!  You should check out our Due Date Clubs and our pregnancy forums.

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Hey, that's great!  Congratulations.  When are you due?  The DDCs here are a fantastic resource--I've made some lifetime friends in mine.  


Welcome to MDC. :)

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Welcome to Mothering, Lee. And, congrats to you and Mandy on being preggo1

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Congratulations!!  That's very exciting!

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THANK YOU Ladiessssssss!!!!!!!



My due date is 03/15/2012!! 

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