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over 40?

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Any Mommas that will be over 40 at EDD? I'm having unusual anxiety about this - not sure why.

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For me it's not "unusual anxiety" when it comes to genetic issues, but anxiety based in reality. Other than that and having my mind put at ease with various tests, I have no anxiety about my age and pregnancy. What are you anxious about? 

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Hi. I've had 2 babes in my 40's- at 41 and 43. The pregnancy, labor, and delivery were much easier at 43 than at 41. And both were way easier than the one I had at 21.  I just wanted to chime in because, I think, most places what you see/read is how hard/scary/dangerous it is. The reality is that most of us who had no issues just don't post in places like this. Statistics are just numbers, averages. Statistically, we shouldn't have gotten pregnant at all ;) Trust your body that it knows what it's doing. Women have been having babies in their 40's for centuries, and no one was too worried :)  Best of luck.

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