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3 month sleep regression

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Nak right now, but wanted to get a conversation going about this. It's supposed to begin around week 15 postpartum and lasts for more than a month. We are already having signs of it here and I am not happy about it.
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Yeah las night was th worst. Dd seems to be getting there w one bad then a good night or two for the past week. Blah. I hate sleep regressions.
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Me too!  I think we may actually try to take advantage of it, though.  :)  Between 7 and 10 is consistently fussy.  We live in a really walkable area, though, so tomorrow night we'll have a sitter come to stay in the house with the big sleeping boys, put baby in the wrap or the k'tan, and head out for an evening downtown.  I'm excited!  If he sleeps, great!  If he doesn't, well, there's a good chance he would'nt have slept at home in bed, either.  :)


Anyone else have ways to look on the bright side during this trying time?


I may also take a unisom, or half of one, and go down with him at 7 tonight to see if that helps.

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I think getting out sounds great but DD is fussy and will go down to sleep.  She sleeps on me holding her or in the wrap.  Our problem would be the car and getting her anywhere.  My plus side is that I get one on one time to play with her if she wakes back up and just won't sleep.  The part I just cannot seem to get to be positive is the frequent waking and needing to nurse back to sleep every time.  Both my kids seem to wake up a lot and nurse a lot around milestones.  This is the point that DS went from sleeping every 2 hrs (which I was having a hard time adjusting to) to every 45min or 1.5hrs.  I am so scared that will happen this time.  DS didn't stop that until after 12 months....brutal.  My bright side is that DD totally wants to go to sleep by 7 pm...already better than DS did, and heck, I can nurse a kid and watch TV if she will sleep.  That whole middle of the night partying thing is harder to me than constant waking and nursing around the clock!


That didn't sound so positive but seriously, it is so much better this time.  Maybe it is because a) I am in denial and b) I am already sleep deprived and c) I know that eventually it will end and I will miss getting to wake up with her over night.

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Oh there is a 3 month sleep regression?  That could explain last night. *yawn* Sahira is a great sleeper at night normally.  Only waking around 2 or 3 to nurse and then again when dh's alarm goes off at 6 and then she is up for the day around 7 30 or 8.  Last night she would not stay down after I put her to bed and I was tired so we just went to bed together around 9 30.  Good thing because she woke up at 2 30 and WOULD NOT go to sleep.  She wouldnt' nurse or just chill on the bed like she does a lot of times, she was cranky and I ended up having to hold her and pat her to sleep at around 4 30 as she just wouldn't nurse.  It is very unlike her.  I think she is teething too. :(

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All 3 woke @ 4am like clock work....Never heard of sleep regression.

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ugh we are at waking up ten or more times a night now.  Add that to DS deciding to just pee everywhere and seriously I need a break! hopefully I can get out for a run tomorrow, I don't care if it makes my kid spit up, I need to run!

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I hear you, flavorful!  A run for me in the morning is better than a strong cup of coffee.  And if I can go without the stroller I feel as though I'm flying!


As Mo becomes more distractible at the breast, I am also fighting hard to keep his daytime calorie count up to try to minimize night wakings.  It is a challenge.

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