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Nipple pain

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Hi mamas,


My breast tenderness has eased up and now I'm getting sharp shooting pain in my left nipple.  The pain is searing and feels like my nipple is being poked with a needle.  Ouch.  I'm 15 weeks......anyone else ever experienced this.  Remedies?  Wait it out?  Talk to my care provider?


Thank you!

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I had it with DD1 and DD2 but not this time, which i think is possibly because i was still nursing DD2 still until last Monday (she weaned! :().


FOr me there was no "cure" and it didn't mean anything, it was just some weird hormonal effect switching my breasts on to prepare for lactation.  I found squeezing the whole breast with my hand sometimes helped (as in pressing it back against the ribs or grabbing the whole thing and squeezing it gradually but pretty firmly.  I got it in both nipples but not at once, first one, then the other...

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Thank you GoBecGo.  I have found that pressure and keeping a comfy bra on helps.  

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Just wanted to add that I definitely have had this with both pregnancies. Not as bad this time as last, but it definitely gets my attention and feels just like you described. I haven't found anything that helps, but I haven't tried much either. I just assumed there was nothing I could do, I guess! So maybe this isn't helpful, but I do think that's it's normal!

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Is this like the sharp pain letdown can bring? 

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Yeah, it feels very similar!!  I've been having it for the past two days.  I'm almost 14 weeks.


I didn't have any breast pain with DS, but my milk literally never came in with him, either.  (No engorgement, no breast changes, nothing.)  I didn't really have a lot of pain with DD either until after the birth, but I had plenty of milk for her.


This time around it is VERY much like let-down pain.  DH has taken it upon himself (the martyr) to massage them for me.  Maybe TMI, but it helps.  (And since it's already TMI... light touch doesn't really do a lot for it.  You gotta go hard on it.  YMMV.)  I normally hate having my breasts touched unless I'm actually nursing, but gosh, the massages helped let-down pain, mastitis, and apparently, also pregnancy pain.  Go figure.


I'm also seeing some dried discharge on my nipples in the mornings.  Weird having it so early.  Also didn't have it in my other pregs!


FWIW if anyone wants to try it out, I promise I'm not trying to be graphic but just in case it helps anyone else, the massage is sort of like... oh gosh.  Like starting at the base and then squeezing towards the ends.  Heh.  Also helps to do it with heat.  I'm fine with taking baths in pregnancy, I know some aren't.  But a heat pack often helps, like a warm towel on it or something.  Or, if you're in the bath, I like using gravity - kind of let them hang (like while you're on all fours) and then do the squeezes downwards.  Again, totally sorry if it's TMI, but it can really hurt and if my weirdo techniques help anyone, then cool.  :)

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