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Anyone with heartburn/reflux?

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This is my second pregnancy and this time I am on ranitidine for heartburn about 4-5 weeks earlier than last time, although I think I suffered for awhile back then before asking for help. It makes me so miserable sometimes:( Anyone else dealing with this? I don't really want to take meds but I am so uncomfortable and I've got a 2 year old to care for, not to mention that I am working at his daycare until I am 8 months pregnant because they are short staffed and i need the money (I'm a teacher and my term contract ended in June) Any natural remedies I don't know about?? Thanks ladies:)

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I'm with you!! I get it every time and it seems to get worse with every pregnancy. I haven't gotten any yet but papaya enzymes are supposed to be amazing. I take Zantac, Tums, and tablespoons of acv just depending on how I feel and what I want to take. I need to order the papaya to try out. I feel for you...it really can make you miserable! Good luck!

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try chewing almonds throughout the day. helped me heaps last time and you can just have some in your pocket all the time. healthy too :) you just have to chew them well before swallowing.

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My friend had terrible heartburn with her last pregnancy and said just eating dried papaya was the only thing that helped. She didn't even know about papaya enzyme tablets. Another friend said drinking milk was the only thing that worked for her. It must be different for different people.

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Ugh, yes I have heartburn. I had it last time too but I can't remember when it started. This time it started about 18 weeks I think. I've just been using a dual-action antacid, cant think of the name of it... Gavascon! Tastes gross but works well. I havent tried anything else.
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So last two days I've been having it bad! I've never had it before. It sucks :( I can totally sympathize with my poor husband who's on a restricted diet for his own reflux issues. Sigh.

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I've been having it bad myself. Been eating the papaya enzymes like crazy and they actually are not helping me. But I do know that they totally help some people. So they are worth a try. I just saw my naturopath yesterday and talked with her about it and she said that the papaya enzymes could make things worse if they are not helping. So try them out and if they don't help, don't continue (like I was!).


She suggested that I try Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice - also called DGL. It is safe in pregnancy since the toxic part of the licorice (the glyrcyrrhizine or whatever) has been removed. She suggested chewable tablets and take one with each major meal a day. She suggested just trying it for a few weeks. It helps build up the lining in the stomach and can improve things.


Also, I've been taking a digestive enzyme tablet with meals too - Tyler Panplex 2-phase, it has digestive enzymes and Hydrochloric acid. This worked great for me when not pregnant, now I'm sure it's helping, but just not enough. It might help for you.


All else fails antacids. But personally, I think that you don't want to use those except as a last resort. Your body needs the acid to digest your food and absorb the nutrition for the baby!


Good luck!

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Oh, ditto!  Lots of heartburn, but then, I'm not doing anything about it because I also have had issues with UTI and back pain, so I'm actually taking cranberry supplements.  :P  But Its going to be worth it.  I may try the papaya thing, at least dried papaya which would be easier to find.  Hope it works for someone!

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