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Pokey - So sorry about AF. Cake helps me too, lol.  Actually its been ice cream lately :)  Hope you enjoy a relaxing peaceful month off....


Deborah- Sending you good vibes for the 30th....goodvibes.gif


Dakipode -  Hope you finish everything on your list and have a super peaceful 2WW. I bet your new do' will make you feel like a new woman!



As for me I'm on CD17 of a annovulatory cycle. So my 2ww is a little bit different this time. Can't wait for AF so we can start again :)

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good luck everybody! love.gif

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Thanks all! I'll keep you posted.

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So quiet over here. I could really use the time with you ladies here, the symptom spotting in The One thread is driving me nuts.


I got my hair cut. A lot more than I was expecting! I had hair down past my waist, now barely to my shoulders... Oh well, it'll grow back.


We took a little day trip today and it was great to spend time with DH.


This coming week we're leaving town for a long weekend and that'll be nice too. I'm dreading the end of the 2WW and at the same time I keep telling myself: "I don't know what's going to happen at the end of these two weeks." I do feel like I have more strength this time to face a possible AF, something shifted in me in the past couple of weeks. Not to say that I am any less eager but I don't feel so life and death about it now.


I'd love to hear how everyone else is doing, your musings on TTC, life and staying sane during 2WW.

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Hi ladies,

I'm afraid I'll have to be leaving you... because I got a BFP! 

Thanks for such a healthy way to approach the very beginning of my firstborn. blowkiss.gif

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Congratulations, Megmoira!  I hope you have a happy and healthy and peaceful 9 months!  biggrinbounce.gif

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Congratulations, Megmoira! May you have a healthy pregnancy and a peaceful nine months!

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Congrats Megmoira!   May you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby jumpers.gif

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So the new moon was on August 17th and we are heading towards another one on September 15th. Just wondering if anyone was still interested in continuing this thread since it's been awfully quiet.

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Hi dakipode,

 I would like it to continue if you are interested in taking over.  I have been taking a month off so it's more like a 6 or 8 week wait.  orngtongue.gif  I think my next cycle should start next week so I will be back on the TTC train.  We are going to the RE on Wednesday just to talk about things.  Should we do more tests?  What should our plan be for the future?  I don't have any official diagnosis so it can be frustrating when we don't know why it's not working.  I've been feeling kind of sad, but I'm starting to be more excited for the next try.  I signed up for a singing class that meets once a week for a few months.  I've taken it before.  I think it will be relaxing and also a good distraction from everything else.  There are a lot of breathing exercises, and that can be relaxing as well as making me a better singer.  I've also been back to yoga and working out, and I feel stronger again.  Just trucking along and keeping the faith.  How are you doing?

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I have no idea what it takes to be a thread keeper but I'm willing to learn if it means we can keep this one going. I love having this community where we can help one another stay hopeful and sane. I like being here when I'm not in 2WW as well, do you think we can just open it up to a sane TTC experience? I'll ask around about thread keeping and plan to put up the new one around the 15th: Harvest Moon...


PokeyAC: a singing class sounds wonderful. Singing always helps me feel in the moment. Trucking along and keeping the faith is all there is. I've had a couple of lousy days, figured since I didn't have anything positive to contribute I'd just stay quiet for a bit, but doing better now. DH finally went for sperm analysis yesterday, I was happy about that. I'm on CD6 today and last month at the clinic they told me the plan is 100mg of Clomid CD5-9 but they won't prescribe unless they know DH is good. That makes sense to me and I tried not to freak out about it and tell DH to get a move on so I decided this month I'm "cleansing", really just letting the vitex clear out of my system, since I ran out about 10 days ago. Curious to see if it'll delay O (since it seemed to help bring it on) but, as you said, keeping the faith since we have a plan for next cycle if it doesn't happen this month.

I can certainly understand your frustration with being unsure of the plan. You feel like you should be doing this or that or something that will help you feel like you're moving in the right direction. That is really the hardest part about staying zen, isn't it? The part where you let go and acknowledge that nature has its own timeline.

Cheer up, Pokey. We will get there, someday, and until then we will be trucking along and keeping the faith!


Everyone else, please chime in about the future of this thread and what you would like to see happen with it. Let's support each other and keep this community alive!

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Hi ladies - I'm here :) I have been taking some time off of MDC. I can't really pinpoint why, but it's been a nice break. I have been doing acupuncture twice a week and I have these fertility meditations that I listen to on my iPod. There is one for each cycle day. They are pretty good - I love having a different one for each day in the cycle, but they aren't perfect. They are made by a company called Circle + Bloom. One thing that they say, which I can't totally process, is:


"Do nothing, but leaving nothing undone."


What??!  How do you do that?? That's like the saying, "You can't pray for peace and prepare for war at the same time" (or however it goes). So, this is what I'm ruminating on lately and I'm still at the point where I feel like this line is BS. How do you not have sex, but make sure you have sex?!!


Another thing I'm doing - I am very petite and have been all my life. I sometimes think that getting pregnant has been hard for me because of my size and lack of extra "resources," although I feel healthy and this is a normal size for me (and I eat well). So, I have this picture of when I was pregnant with DS and I am all curvy and bigger and full of resources! I have been looking at that lately, as a subconscious and conscious reminder that I AM CAPABLE. I thought this could be helpful for other mamas TTC their second.

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Hello all,

I've gotten so much out of this community and I wanted to keep it going. I discussed opening up the topic to "A Saner TTC" with zenquaker.

I've put up the new thread here:


Hope to see you there!

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