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Looking for like-minded Mamas in Eastern, CT

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Hi Everyone!

I am new here and joined to try and find some like minded Mamas in my area.


A little bit about myself and my family:

I have 3 kids and am due in November with #4. I have a DD who is 6, a DD who is 4 and a DS who is 20 months. We are currently a homeschooling family. We are baby wearing, breast feeding, co-sleeping, gentle parenting, farming (beef cows, sheep and hay) and natural living (as much as possible). We are interested in homesteading and sustainable living. My specific hobbies include knitting, walking, reading and playing with my kids. We like to be active. We are an interesting combination of AP and redneck, lol. I don't have many IRL friends as I am from out of state originally.


I am not necessarily looking for someone who does/believes in all of the same things as I do, just really looking for some families to get together with on occasion. It's tough finding crunchy friends ;) . I am of course open to anyone who lives in the area, as long as you don't mind my crunchiness :)


We live in a small town in New London County, right near the Windham Country border.


Thanks for reading!  (I feel like I just wrote a dating website ad, LOL)

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Hi!! I was googling cloth diaper swap meets in July in CT and this popped up, welcome to CT!! I am a 27 yr old single mom with a new baby girl about to be 4weeks tomorrow, how the time flies!! I have friends with kids, but NONE wear their babies or use cloth diapers or co sleep or breastfeed in public like me lol! I am so on the same page, that is so cool that you farm!! i try to do the natural thing as much as possible. I live in Middletown but thought I would reply since your post randomly came up n my google search, i dont believe in coincidences. Another cool site is beantree baby, they do have swap meets and babywearing groups (havent been to one tho, only the swap meet), i went to one while i was prego, they're usually in new britain, a little bit of a treck but hey. anyways, lol, hello like minded mama!

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We are a similar family in Walpole, MA looking for natural like-minded mamas/families.

Wish you lived closer... would love to connect.

I am a full-time natural mama of DH, DS 2.5, LO 6 mths and 2 ddogs.

We live outside as much as possible, hiking, camping, skiing, kyaking, etc.

Looking into homeschooling.  Wishing you luck in finding more similar mamas!

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I am a sahm of 5 boys we are homebirthing babywearing cosleepers , we will be relocating to eastern connecticut in a week .

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I am in Scotland, CT which is next to Windham.  I have a 17 mo .old and 7.5 yr. old at home and 21 and 23 yr. olds out of the homeand we are vegan crunchy. Baby wearing, cloth diaperingand still breastfeeding but we had a unassisted HB that went bad after I started to hemorrhage due to placental abruption due to my age (I am 42). I Also teach an early literacy program for birth-five at my library on Thurs. mornings at 10:00 if you are interested. I am a SAHM Mama too.

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Hello! Mom to 6 here, ranging from 2 to almost 15. We homeschool....actually I guess you could call it unschooling but I don't like the word very much. I have been breastfeeding almost nonstop since the first was born.....we are a crunchy...grain free, holistic minded and kind of funky family....living in the quiet corner...Danielson, CT.....very close to the RI line.
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Have you checked out the holistic mom network? It's a national group with local chapters everywhere. I love the chapter I'm in, like minded, play groups, open discussions and fantastic monthly speakers /topics
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Hi there!!! Congratulations on your new baby!


We live about an hour or so from you in Hamden CT (working hard to get out of the city!! hope to have our house on the market in Spring) where we praise God, home birth, home school, baby wear, co sleep, holistic care/no vax, eat healthy and garden nearly every inch of our too tiny yard, and dream of living on our own small farm!!


Frankly we haven't had any luck with any of the local 'crunchy' groups...:(  I have found them to be too political, extremely liberal, and judgmental about anyone who isn't - very clicky/exclusive I guess you would say. Luckily we have a great friendly and eclectic group of homeschoolers in this area as well as a small co-op!


Anyway, I am an occupational therapist but am taking as much time as I can before going back PRN/part time. So for now I am a very grateful SAHM!!! I crochet (and make all sorts of things) and love to bake (dairy/egg, grain and sugar free) and cook for my 2 boys, ages 8 1/2 and 5 1/2 and our sweet baby girl who is 3 months old. My DH and I used to live in New Hampshire on 13 acres (boy do I miss that!) but moved back to CT after my first was born. A lot of our families are here - especially my dad and his wife. 


In spring/summer/fall we often come to Hammonassett (sp?) State Park and a few other spots along the shoreline - maybe we could meet up!

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hi. we were talking on here before. do you remember me? grats on ur baby as its new year day and I'm sure you had your baby..i would love love love to met..i am nursing my 5 month old and my two year old. i did this w my older girls too. ;]  they weaned at 5 and 3 in 09.i also co-sleep w my two year old and baby sleeps in room w us in her cradle i live currently in Norwich.. I'll also pm you..;] 

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Anyone in or around niantic!
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im in norwich like i said above. i like the childern mus and the hole in the wall beach when its spring time...;o 

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I'm a bit north of Norwich. I'm not sure how to best describe us but I'd say we are somewhere at the crossroads of Waldorf and unschooling. I'm big on property rights and personal freedom smile.gif of course I respect whatever background you may come from. We have chickens and like to make things from scratch. I'd love to meet more families who have crunchy tendencies. Lol!

My son is 3.5 going on 13. Haha. Do you gals want to connect?
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Hi Mama, welcome to Connecticut!


My family and I relocated to CT three years ago from Florida, it has been a very challenging adjustment....


We currently reside in Stonington, CT. I'm a stay at home mama and work as a birth doula, Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, and photographer, among many other endeavors. Our first born son is 5 and our daughter is 3, both gentle water births at home.


Congratulations on baby #4, sounds like you have your hands full and are juggling it all with grace!


We frequent the local beaches throughout spring and summer, if you are ever coastal, let me know!


Blessings to your family!


Here is my website if you're interested in joining me for Sacred Pregnancy classes, maternity photography, or anything at all. www.serenitymamamearth.com

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I live in Greene, RI (also known as Coventry, RI) about 15 mins from the CT border off of rt117. Right near the Summit General Store where you can pick up you hay, baby chicks, baby turkeys, etc ;)  


I am not sure where life will be taking us in the near future but for now we are enjoying living in the country.  I am currently due with my 3rd in Aug and planning my second HB.  I also find it hard to find local moms to hang out with. I really hate driving 30+ mins for a playdate. :(  


Maybe we can set up a meet up sometime at the end of April while bumping this thread a bit. See ya!


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Anyone looking to get together?  We are still just hanging out here in the quiet corner of CT thumb.gif

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Just wondering if any moms near Meriden, CT would like to get together.  We are expecting our first (baby boy) in September and it would be nice to hang with like-minded parents (living natural, cloth diapering, no-vaxing, breastfeeding, etc).  We are still learning so much, so would love to gain some insight on different topics that would be helpful to us as new parents.



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