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haven't seen you around in awhile...how are you?  hope all is well and that you have an update about a sweet bundle soon...whistling.gif  

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scowlgirl - are you around? Let us hear from you! love.gif

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Hey guys, sorry! Thanks boots! smile.gif


Breastfeeding (the major stressor so far) is going a little better... Evy was back up to 7 lb 13 oz at her checkup yesterday, so that is an average of 28 g/day gained, which is OK with her ped. I think herbs and practice are helping my supply, but I have to meet with an endocrinologist because my thyroid levels seem to be a little low on my current dose, so I just keep hoping my milk won't dry up while I get this figured out.


My DH is being fantastic with everything... it's a little tough having him back at work, but he is so helpful and involved when he's home that it's not so bad. Evelyn is adorable so that helps mitigate the fact that Mommy was not at all prepared for this level of stress or difficulty. redface.gif

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