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4 month old nursing schedule?

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My 4 month old is not on solids yet as she shows little interest in food yet and I'd like to wait until 6 months for a variety of reasons...

How many oz on average does your 4-6 month old drink in a day? What does your nursing schedule look like, as far as amount at one time and number of Feedings/feeding times during the day?

My daughter is bottle nursed and recently she has been eating less (about 6oz) less per day than her previous norm for the last 2 months of 25-30oz per day. She will either skip an entire feeding (she is very clear when finished) or she will only drink 3-4 oz at a time instead of her previous norm of 5-6. So now she is getting more like 18-25oz per day. There is not a growth issue as she was 50/50 at two months and is 70% weight and 85% height now.

I'm just curious if others had this experience...maybe she was just in a huge growth spurt before? I thought she was supposed to be getting hungrier at this point LOL

Oh and she sleeps 12-13 hours now which is great, but it means she misses a feeding!
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That sounds exactly like mine although I don't know the amounts past about 10 weeks (she started accepting the breast). But 0-4 months WAS one giant growth spurt. Let me give you her weight history and you'll see :-)
Birth: 7lbs 15 oz
4 months 16lbs 8 oz (more than double birth weight)
6 months 17lbs 8 oz
12 months 23lbs 14oz (a
As you can see, she grew more in the first 4 months as in the last 8. Babies on BM generally grow very quickly at first and then slow down. Your LO is just following her instincts and taking what she needs. The drop in her appetite makes a lot of sense; the same thing would happen if she nursed directly - you just might not notice as much. Hopefully this will help make it easier on you to pump what she needs and maybe build a small stash for emergencies. :-)
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Thank you! This is so reassuring to hear, and my daughter seems to be on a similar growth track. Breast feeding was not an option for me, but I wondered if BF babies also go up and down with their needs...so that was a good point that I may just notice it more. I actually dont pump either...dear daughter is adopted and after much consideration regarding supplemental aids, I decided to exculsively bottle nurse, but just the same, Excellent info!

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Ah sorry about the misunderstanding :-). If she pees and poops enough and in general is growing and thriving then some ups and downs in intake are very normal and nothing to be concerned about.
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