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Bug in hair... need natural advice!

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Ugh, today I found a bug in my 2-year-old's hair! It was dark brown. I honestly can't tell from looking at it whether it's lice or not but I want to be cautious and treat just in case. Anyone know of any good natural remedies, shampoos, etc, that are effective at eliminating lice and their eggs?

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We did the cetaphil treatment a couple of years ago and it worked great:  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/24/the-alternative-medicine-cabinet-cetaphil-for-lice/  .  I don't think it ranks as a "natural remedy" but it works and it's easier than anything else I've read about (imagine spending literally hours picking nearly microscopic eggs off of all the hairs on your child's head!) and it's probably not a neurotoxin like the stuff the doctors will give you to kill lice.  


If I were you though, I'd make sure she really does have lice before treating.  Has she been spending time around older kids or young one's with older siblings?  If not, I would be skeptical that she has it, but it's always possible.  It's really hard to tell unless you can actually see the lice running around in there.  I couldn't ever see it on my kids, so I had my older son's teacher look for me.  Actually, she looked at my head and saw them.  Blech!  


Good luck!

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If she has lice, you will see nits at the roots of her hair. Just google nits images and that will show you what to look for. It doesn't sound to me like she has lice...
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we've never (knock on wood) had to deal with lice personally. but a few yrs ago DS preschool became infested with drug resistant lice.  I was terrified that DS would bring it home somehow even though the school /health dept were vigilant to keep those with lice home. 


I remember my then pedi having something on a non pesticide thing to use with lice and called him up immediatley.  the robi comb is an electronic de louser (amazon and othe online places carry it) I immediately bought it and lots of tea tree oil and began a regiman on spraying down DS hair with "product" per my hairstylists recommendations (apparently it may be harder for them to grasp onto hair shaft) and when he came home from school we would use the robi comb and wash his hair with the tto.  The robi comb also came with a deterrant spray (tto based) that we also used. im not sure if were just lucky of if it was something we did but we were able to avoid it completly.  Now I keep in my closet and periodically use it on the kids (especially when they have other kids over of the like)  as a *in case* preventative step.

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