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The cold that will not leave.

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Ok, wise mamas. I'm hoping someone here has a miracle cure for me!


I've had this really horrible cold for about a week now and there are NO signs it is getting better. Several times during the course of this cold, I thought it was maybe going to get better. Instead, I spent a restless two hours in bed trying to fall asleep last night because I couldn't breathe out of either nostril at ALL. (Mouth breathing isn't so relaxing when you're tired.) Today, I'm just as congested and blah-feeling as ever... and now, I can't even taste food which is really not fair. Spicy mexican shouldn't taste like air.


I've tried vitamin C, garlic lemonade, lots of herbal teas, the wet sock therapy, trying to sleep (hahaha), homemade soup... none of my usual remedies are really doing ANYTHING to budge this cold at all.


The only time I got sick with DS was the week I went into labor but this is the second time I've been sick this pregnancy. (The first cold took me 2 weeks to get rid of. Must be something about chasing toddler, building a body, working FT, caring for DS FT (while working)....)


Does anyone have a miracle cold cure that they wouldn't mind sharing? I don't know how much more of this I can stand!

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No miracle cure, just wanted to sympathize.. pregnancy definitely compromises my immune system too, even without all the toddler-chasing-on-top-of-FT-work you're doing. I got a stomach bug early on and held onto it for about a week (hubby was over it within two days), and a UTI/beginnings of a kidney infection more recently that I ended up having to do antibiotics to clear out- all the cranberry, D-mannose, vit C, and massive doses of water that would normally have done the trick did nothing. My body's priorities are just.. elsewhere, clearly. 


The only thing I can possibly think of is a neti pot to at least clear some snot out and let you breathe so you can rest. Fingers crossed for you.

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earlier in this pg I had the worst cold of my life that I guess turned into a sinus infection. I could not smell/taste or hear for weeks  (I ate a spoonful of wasabii and couldn't taste it a bit). I posted on this but I felt like my ear drum ruputured at one point...I never confirmed it b/c the silly MD that checked me said my ear was too full of stuff to see but 3 months later my hearing isn't quite the same. I had a hearing test and its technically fine but the point is it was awful! I did do a short course of abx's and ear drops.


I think if I were you, I'd consider going to the doc for a abx if it goes on much longer. I didn't want to but at this stage baby is very well protected by the placenta, its specifically designed to kick foreign substances out/back to momma to pee/poop out.  plus you really don't want something going to your lungs.


hope it gets better fast!

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LOL,..cough and cold had been part of my life since high school,..I have tried it all(vitamin C and E, rest/ sleep).. but only recently have I only discovered what would help me. "Oregano Extract"-- this is one of the Department of Health (DOH) herbal medicine. I don't believe it before but when I had tried it it works for me. An Oregano leaf washed then put over the fire(not too long )  then I squeeze then drink it. 1-3 drink is already enough. So I'm not worried now for my baby, when she has naughty cough or colds I just made her some oregano extract for 1-2 days and it will be gone. Goodluck.joy.gif

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