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Signs of fertility returning post birth

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What did you notice when your cycle came prior to the first time back after birth? As in signs of fertility?

DD is EBF.




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At around 4 months pp, I would start to notice shifts in my mood and figure that my hormones were acting up.  So I always started charting the moment I noticed that my body was acting hormonal again.  It was not a direct, single thing that caught my eye, but a shift in mood, a shift in nursing patterns (not 3 wake-ups between midnight and 6am).  It was always a good idea to start charting b/c usually I had a slight attempt at an ovulation, sometimes 2, and by 6 months, while EBF, my cycle would return.  


Many of my mother friends had nothing like this, and didn't have any cycles while breastfeeding.  I got pregnant when I was nursing a 9 month old and a 2 1/2 year old.  But I was cycling.  So, for me, charting any time after the first 3 months of pregnancy was a great way to feel at peace about using the LAM method and confirming that my body wasn't ovulating.  


I have 4 little ones, last 2 born at home.  So congrats on the new little lady and enjoy motherhood!

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Thanks! Did you notice cervical fluid changes that would indicate ovulating? I charted to prevent and then get pregnant but I'm not interested in charting again, my cycles were very irregular to begin with and I can only imagine what they'll be like while nursing. I'm noticing some cervical fluid but not sure if that means pending fertility or just normal discharge.

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lots and lots of fluids while nursing.  but i didn't start paying attention to them immediately.  once i did, i was charting them for my security.  now i will do that almost immediately as i'm better at recognizing my neutral vs. my fertile fluids.  even when pregnant i had lots of mucus in phases.  so, the fluids are a great way of recognizing ovulation, but only if you're really good at them.  i also had really irregular cycles and nursing was impossible for FAM for me since cycles would be 62 days, then 48  days, then 45 days, and on down, and temps didn't help b/c i never had a 3 hour window of sleep, so temps were out.  My babies love nursing from 1am-5am...  After my first i was regular for the first time in my life.  so be prepared for that option as well, after nursing settles down.  it took over a year for my cycles to get regular again.


the hard part about the fluids was that my body would try and ovulate, and the fluids were spike, but the temp never did.  and this would happen one or two times before my first ovulation.  that was always very frustrating and scary.

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