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using CM alone to avoid

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Has anyone here successfully used the Billings Ovulation (or similar) method to avoid pregnancy? (This is a method based on charting cervical mucus alone). For various reasons, temping hasn't worked for me, at least for the time being. I know people use it as a BC method. Just wandering if you feel "safe" with it. I like the thermal shift as an indicator of ovulation.


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I haven't used this method, but just want to add my 2 cents. I would be cautious about using it to avoid. Many women (myself included) can have patches of fertile quality cervical fluid when they are not in fact fertile, which can lead you to believ that your fertile days have ended (when they haven't yet shown up!) Does that make sense?

Let me give a more specific example, using, of course, me. My cycles since coming off of the pill have been 31 days long. Last cycle I O'ed around day 19. This cycle I had fertile quality fluid on CD 13, but by day 14 it seemed to get dryer, and today (CD 15) too. If I was going on that alone, it would seem to indicate that I O'ed on CD 13 and then started "drying up." But because of my previous cycle and my temps, I know that I'm actually still waiting to O.

I guess if you are extremely familiar with your cycle, or tend to have "textbook" fertility signs, it would probably work. But if it was me, I'd still use a back-up method.

Hope you find something that works well for you.
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I don't know for sure how it works, b/c I haven't researched it. But I thought maybe it could be used like the anovulatory rules for FAM. Anytime you have a patch of cervical fluid, you wait until three days after the "peak."

But I do feel better with the thermometer!

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I have used it to achieve all 3 of my babes and also to avoid for all the yrs in between I do feel that once you are familiar with your cycle that this is a reliable way to keep track of things. I have wonderful peace of mind and really enjoy using this method.

I would recommend using some back up for a few months until you are comfortable with what your body is up to. Wisdom and self control will definately have to come into play at times so be prepared.

If you truely want to avoid a pregnancy you MUST be attentive and always be willing to flex a bit.In other words, one month might look a little funny and you'll need to be on the safe side IYKWIM? Also if you prefer to not use any barrier methods ( like my DH and me) You'll have to be prepared to excersize some SERIOUS self control or get a little *creative* :

OK I'm done now it's getting late and I think I'm getting a tad gitty.... Ta Ta for now!!!

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From what I understand, the Creighton Method has the best success rates for avoiding pregnancy. It is taught by a medical professional who provides a number of meetings (somewhere around 8-10) with the couple to ensure that you properly understand how to identify and record changes in cervical fluid. The recording is very specific, and I think it could work if you are diligent about it. If you're serious about looking into this, I recommend that you talk to a Creighton instructor in your area. I think you can find one at www.creightonmodel.com .
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We used the Creighton Model to avoid and to acheive twice on the 1st try. I absolutely love this method and it is so easy once you learn it (though can be frustrating at first). We had a great teacher that helped me decipher my cm and it was wonderful to get to know my body like that. I highly reccomend checking out that website and requesting more info.
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