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JCC Providence infant daycare

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Does anyone have experience w/ the infant program at the JCC on the East Side in Providence? Just went for a visit and the staff there seems really nice but I didn't get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the rooms. One doesn't have any windows and the other seems really crowded. Not sure how much that matters for 8 month old kids.. Any thoughts? Or, alternately does anyone have any other recommendations for infant daycare programs that are somewhat affordable? (I have twins...) Thanks.

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We checked out the JCC's infant program and had the same feelings as you. We liked East Side Learning Center (on the Butler campus) but they had a waiting list. After looking at about 12 day cares in Providence, we decided on Alphabet Soup (two kids is about $1600 a month). It is near the Stop and Shop on Branch Avenue but the day care is actually located in North Providence. My other mama friends who live on the East Side send their kids to Learning Brook in Cranston near the Garden City Shopping Center.

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Thank you for responding! Do you know if Alphabet Soup does partial week (like T/Th or MWF)? The location sounds good. Do they have a website? (We were actually offered two spots at Learning Brooke but only for 5 days and we only need two, maybe three. At five days, LB just became a bit too much for our current budget. Sadly. Maybe something we'd do when they're a bit older and can more fully enjoy what LB is offering). 

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Yes, they do offer 2 day and 3 day. And they have open spots currently. The rate is $120 for 2 days a week and $163 for 3 days a week. The website doesn't have a lot of information. It is under the John Fogarty Center that offers children's day care as well as adult day care for the developmentally disabled. http://www.fogartycenter.org/childcare.html If you call, ask for Donna (Director) or Lisa (Assistant Director). I really like the infant room there because the caretakers in the room are very grandmother-like, there is very little turnover (one caretaker has been there over 20 years!) and they have a seperate sleeping area for the babies. Plus a bright spacious area for their day to day activities. I cannot say enough good things about Alphabet Soup!

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Hey, Thanks again for the Alphabet Soup suggestion. We went to check it out, and I liked the infant area. I think it'll be a good fit for us at least for the first year. (They had the AC cranked up way high, but, I suppose, one runs into one issue or another at any daycare...) 

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hi, sorry I have not checked this board in awhile-

My son has been in infant/ toddler care at the JCC since he was 5 months old.  He's now almost 2.5 and starting his third year there.  I know the physical building leaves something to be desired, but the staff is truly fantastic and the babies love them (my son's infant teacher still babysits for us because she loves him and he loves her).  One thing to remember about the rooms is that they don't spend all day in there - they go for walks outside in the buggy when the weather is nice, they play outside on the brand-new playground, they go up to the gym to play with balls and mats, and sometimes they take walks around the inside of the bigger J facility.  I also think the split infant/ toddler room is great for the infants, because they love watching the toddlers, and when it's time for them to move up to the next room, they can't wait.


Happy to answer any questions of chat by phone if you like.

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Hi, thanks for responding! I'm happy to hear that your son has had such a good experience there. I've since heard other people tell me that they've heard great things about the program. Yes, the staff/teachers did seem really nice. And, I did like the new playground as well. I can see the benefits of the split infant/toddler room, but unfortunately that's not where they said my twins would be placed (no open slots). Probably it's just me and they wouldn't have minded but I just really couldn't see leaving them in a room w/ no windows, neon lights, and no darker sleeping area. So, we've decided not to go with the JCC, at least not for the moment.  

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