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Bleeding after Sex

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For the second time in the last few months I bled after sex the other night.  It was bright red that night but I am still getting some brownish discharge when I wipe 3 days later.  The first time it was right before my period and this time it was a couple days after.  When I search for "bleeding after sex" online there are some scary things.  I am pretty sure it's just cervical position and I possibly have (unconfirmed, mild) endometriosis.   

I guess my question is:  Is there anything supplement -wise  that cam be done?

The blood was gone the day after the first time and this time it seems to be hanging around longer.  Does anyone have experience with this?

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I saw my gyno about it after I had several episodes. She thought it a "friable cervix" thought she tested all sorts of things to rule out the scary. I didn't do any supplements though this stuff may well be hormonal/I never had issues when younger. I just have to watch positions and I see to do ok. It was worth the peace of mind to me to get the bad stuff ruled out.
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