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How do you tell if hGC is rising?

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I took my first HPT this morning and got a positive! Which, if it sticks will have me due at the end of March. 


I'm a bit concerned that the positive line was quite faint, especially since I took the test several days after AF was expected. This is my first round on Clomid so I know my cycle could have increased in length.


In any case, I've seen a number of you referring to your levels doubling. Are there tests that give an actual hGC number as opposed to the lines?

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BeagleSmuggler- To get your true hcg count, a doctor would have to order you a Beta hcg blood test two days apart.  :)  How faint was the line? What brand of test did you take?  Some are more sensitive than others and a faint line is not necessarily a doom and gloom situation.  Congrats on the positive test!!!

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I have never used these tests, so this isn't a tried and true recommendation.  However, there is a home pregnancy test that will put your HCG level in a range rather than just a "yes" or "no" that you get typically.  See here:  http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com/detectfive-progressive-pregnancy-test.html

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I posted something similar a few days ago- I took a test before I missed my period- it was faint. Then it got darker. Then 2 days after my missed period it was faint again. Now it's dark again. I don't think there is a straightforward answer... different brands will give you different results, and first morning urine has the highest concentration of HCG. Blood tests are the only way to get a quantitative measure (an actual number). I don't have that option because I won't have health insurance through my employer until 8/1, so I was just left guessing. In my case, I think what happened was that I had been drinking alot of water beforehand, and it diluted my urine. I have been using First Response Early Result tests each time and have gotten different colored lines each time, and none of them have really been as dark as the control line. They all have different amounts of dye in them and really are only designed to show if the hormone is present in your system or not, not how much of it is there.


If you go to the Countdown to Pregnancy website, there is an HPT gallery there and you can look by DPO and compare everyone else's results to yours- you will see there is a wide range!

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Thanks all. I took another one today. I think the line is slightly darker, DH not so much. I've got a doctor's appt set up for tomorrow so I'll ask for the blood tests. 

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