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Basket large enough to store toilet paper

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I'm hoping to reorganize the shelves in our laundry room soon, and I am looking for suggestions of baskets that are large enough to store toilet paper.


I usually buy in bulk at Sam's, right now we always just tear open the bag and grab out of it as needed. I want something a little more streamlined.


What/how do you store toilet paper? I prefer non-plastic containers, but looking for any suggestions right now! And if it an be purchased from Ikea, even better....I'm planning a shopping trip there this week!

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I've always thought a picnic basket would be cute for storing TP. I store our's in the cabinet above the toilet though.
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How about a pallet?  There are always Craigslist ads for free pallets around here.  

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I bought wicker baskets at Target to store toilet paper at our office and house.  I have large ones at the office that hold one of those huge packages because there is plenty of floor space.  For the house, I have ones that fit on the back of the toilet, these being long and sort of skinny, just the right size to sit on top of the tank.

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We use the bottom of the linen closet to store a large package from Smart & Final, loose in neat rows to fit as many as possible with the last few crammed in. LOL Each bathroom has a spot for three rolls that can be reached while sitting on the loo: master = under sink; hall/kid = side of tank hook gadget; powder room = cabinet above toilet. Between the four areas, we can store one large package before they are completely empty...

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I used a clothing hamper, I got plastic, but they do come in wicker.  It was the only storage container that would fit the 24 rolls of TP and storing it in the bathroom was a must plus the hamper didnt look out of place in the bathroom.

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I did find one at Target yesterday that works perfectly! It's a nice, sturdy, large rubber (along the lines of the material rainboots are made of) bin in a pretty blue color. I decided against wicker after all, because it is in the laundry room that no one really sees, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it.

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Here's my solution, and it's from IKEA!  




We installed a GRUNDTAL hanger with 6 knobs in each bathroom for hanging hand towels, but they are terrific at holding extra rolls of toilet paper.  When I come home with a package, I load up each bathroom with 4 rolls on the GRUNDTAL hanger, and store the rest in my linen closet nearby.

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