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Bend Oregon - Tell me about it!

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my family is thinking of a move to Bend Oregon... tell me all about Bend :-)

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We've lived here almost 2 years and love it.  Small but not too small, you don't know everyone in town.  Weather ranges from a genuine winter with snow to lovely summer days that don't get too hot so you can be active all day without overheating.  Fall and spring can feel like abrupt transitions between the other 2 but still nice.  LOTS of families with kiddos and tons of family-friendly activities, so many you will likely try to do everything then put on the brakes and be more selective as you're around for a while.  It's a very active community, lots of water activities on the river and lakes, great mountain biking and road biking, lots of bike lanes for commuting.  People are very friendly, I think it's because so many people want to live here and had to work hard and/or make concessions to get here.  I am always surprised on the rare occasion when I met someone who is mildly unfriendly.  Not sure about schools, I've heard everything from great public schools, to "no way I am sending my kids to public school."  There are a fair amount of charter schools via lottery.  I've found a nice community of so-called "crunchy" mamas through an AP group who I hope will all stick around here for a long time.  Feel free to send a note if you have any specific questions!

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we just spent 5 days there and that is totally what we found!

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