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I am due Aug. 13th. I woke up this morning and realized that my house is annoying me. I think that my nesting has started. So I have this big plan today to purge everything that I don't need. I have a list that I started a while ago but never had any motivation. But today....wow......it's here.  I have a plan for each room.


Think I will start in the kitchen. I have waaaaay to many dishes. My cabinet is overflowing with cups and glasses. I am a family of 4 and 20 plates is just way to many. Where did they all come from?? It's like they reproduced over night.


Next, I will hit my room. We are actually switching rooms with the boys. My room is larger and there will be 3 boys so it only makes sense to let them have the bigger room. I will be able to go through clothes and toys and whatever else has been thrown into my closet.


Then the bathroom. I have no storage in there so I need to figure something out and I am tired of my dirty clothes being thrown onto the floor.


My living room...not so bad. gotta organize some things, maybe get rid of some DVD's and rearrange. It's not going to take me to long in there.


It's like I live with a bunch of animals and I can't stand it anymore. Tired of all this stuff. So I will be listing a bunch of stuff to give away today. I'm not holding anything for anyone. I am going to set it outside and people can get it if they want it.



Feel free to join me!!!

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Yay!  Happy to cheer you on here!  joy.gif




I'm hoping to get around to more a mini declutterathon here too, and considering we have my family coming to visit twice in the next two weeks, it might actually happen.  (It's just hot & I've been terribly lazy this summer shy.gif).


I've gotten small things finished in the dining room over the past week or so, I have 2-3 more shelves to sort/clean through and then need to clear off the table (again - so not real bad) and sideboard (that one's been awhile).  


Also need to get to the girls' room (usually doesn't go too bad, though, just a pain to get through the whining until dd1 finally accepts that we're going to clean her room).  


That's my weekly plan, at the least.




Good luck with thinning out dishes (I finally did that myself a few years ago and it was great not having so many!  Plus totally cut down on dishes piling up.  I loved it.  I packed certain stuff up and saved for company, sure, but it's not in the kitchen and that was great for us.)

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I didn't get as much done as I had planned. I did manage to go through the dishes and have a huge box and a small box to get rid of. I got the rooms partially switched. I am about halfway done with that. I got the bathroom done. It was pretty hot today and even though I have AC, it didn't really make a difference. Plus I started having BH and had to rest for a while.


I plan on doing a little bit more in about 30 min...at least till my dinner settles. I think I am gonna try to finish switching rooms.

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Well baby Nykko has arrived so I am able to actually move more freely and bend over lol. I plan on tackling my entryway and my closets today. I have a pile of stuff that I have posted for sale but no luck yet so I think I am jusst gonna pack it up in the car and donate it. I am tired of looking at it.


Got the rooms switched around. I never realized how many toys my kids had. I thought I had it under control but SURPRISE!!!. So today is declutter toy day. I am gonna let my oldest son work on that. He is pretty good at deciding what they play with and what they don't.


My kitchen is screaming for help. I did manage to go through a bunch of stuff but now it is just sitting in my kitchen in boxes and it is driving me crazy. The fact that I have no cupboard space doesn't help any. I may have to repurpose some shelves or something to hold some dishes.


My room is a mess. There is baby stuff everywhere. People were too generous in giving me stuff. 15 bottles...really.....I am BF so the medela ones to store milk are all I need. 30 blankets....come on now people, it is never gonna be that cold.


So what are your plans for today???

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wave.gif  Hey there again.



I had a good past week or two, here.  I had to clean out the dining room much better for having company, and that went okay (few things still around that don't really go in there, but overall well).


The kids helped thin out a big box of toys to get rid of - without complaining, so that was awesome.  AND I got through a bunch of their extra clothes too.


I have 3-4 boxes now of donation items, and we'll have someone picking those up in 2 weeks so will finally get them out of the house.



The girls' room is still pretty messy, but a big part of that is from having guests and hopefully gets cleaned up easily this weekend.  In a few weeks when school starts, I'm going to have to really deal with my dresser & closet (will be easier then to have time to leave everything laying around and out somewhat).

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Peaceful you should have a blanket giveaway on one of the due date club forums - ship to anyone who will pay the shipping lol!


I'm not due until December but the decluttering/cleaning here has been going strong for weeks. What's mostly driving me nuts is that it is also canning time, so the kitchen is constantly in high-use, and of course we fruit flies out the wazoo...


Anyway, I have a list similar to the one you started with. I've recently deep-cleaned & decluttered by bedroom and most of my bathroom (still 1 drawer & 1 cabinet to go). I also did a bunch of work on my little office corner. My plan for today is to finish the bathroom & office corner, next projects are the tupperware cabinet (man I hate that cabinet!) and the snack area. Hopefully that will help with the fruit flies a bit.

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I have noticed the fruit flies here too. I have no clue where they are coming from. I am starting to think they are living in my plants.


I managed to sell a few items but haven't quite made it to donate things yet. Frankly, I don't want to carry all that stuff down my 30 steps. But alas, I must so i can actually use my closets.

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