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Just starting!

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I just started EC'ing today with my DD and I'm already loving it! She's almost 7 months old and I've caught 2 poos and 6 pees, all before 1 pm. We've only had one miss, and I "knew" she had to go to the bathroom, but was eating breakfast and got to her too late. I've wanted to start for awhile and just never actually did, but today we haven't had access to a W/D and ran out of diapers. 


I'm so glad she still signals; I thought I had missed the boat!

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I started at 6 mos with DS1 and he was out of diapers completely by 15 mos. Totally not too late!!


Congrats on your successes!!

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I need some tips! My little boy is just at 4 months, and I started reading about this today and gave it a try. I tried twice to have him pee over the toilet (once right after his nap and once right after nursing) and both times he peed RIGHT when I got his nappy back on. In fact, the second time, he peed when I got it back on, and then when I went to change it he peed again on my bed! haha. 


Anyway, PLEASE give me any "starting out" tips that you can. I did the "pss" noise and really would like to get into EC but I got a bad start!  : )

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MrsJenny, you're off to a fine start. He is used to peeing in the diaper and it might take him a little while to catch on. If you have access to a decent library, I highly reccomendation "the diaper free baby" as it has great tips for different ages. Many moms starting at that age do diaper free time every day to see baby's signals and elimination patterns. Basically have an open diaper or absorbent pad/towel under baby while you play and every time he pees make the cue sound "pssss". Then you can offer potty opportunities while you make the sound after he is used to peeing with an uncovered bum. ECing for poop is often easier since most babies make a face or show other signs that mom is already aware of. If you notice he is about to poop, just put the potty bowl under him and give him some time (you can also make the cue sound). This is in a nutshell how I've read most moms start at that age. I started at 11 months so it was more like sitting her on the potty when I had to use the bathroom, after naps, first thing in the morning and eventually every diaper change. Now at 16 months we are in cloth diaps full time but we catch multiple pees and most poops each day. Good luck!
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