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found some on my local craigslist for $40 each, or $60 for 2. they look fairly small. is this a good deal??
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I'm seeing prices of $60 to $70 new so it sounds like not a bad deal assuming they are in great condition. We've had two and they look like they are about that size, although it's hard to tell exactly. My only concern is that the one on the right looks like the wool has been left a little long, which may be a concern for some people (just like anything soft and squishy around a new baby.)

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Just be careful with the chemicals if that's important to you (I didn't open the link so I have no idea if they're the natural super expensive kind or not).  For us, since we're mostly broke, we get the ikea sheepskins.  The small ones are about $30, the large ones I'm not sure of.  It's the wool that's most important to us.  We do let them off-gas for awhile but even from the get-go I didn't notice any funky smells on ours.  They just smelled like wool lol.gif

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I didn't know Ikea had sheepskins! I can't find any dimension info on their website. how small is the small?
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Okay, school me--I have NO idea what you use these for!  hide.gif

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Monkey keeper - I think that many use them as changing pads etc because they wick away moisture and do not hold in odors.  My question is how do you wash if you get poop on them??

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I was planning to use it as a baby rug on the floor and on my bed to protect from leaks.
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I use them as a soft place for baby to sleep when I'm nearby but don't want a baby in my arms, lol. Or kids start sleeping with them once they're a little older and I'm less worried about Sids. I like to use them to put baby on for tummy time once they're a little bigger, and also to lay them on their backs on it with a baby gym over it.

Washing them... Wool is naturally antibacterial so it needs not be done often. We actually washed dd2's for the first time the other day as she wet the bed. I just rinsed it in tepid water and let it air dry, then shook it out. Wool really isn't that scary!
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Interesting.  Thanks!  I think my dogs might think they were rawhides... ;-)

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so glad to know i can get on at IKEA. I was planning on using it in our sidecar crib and for playtime. I have always wanted one but they are usually so expensive. Is ti the same quality if it is so much cheaper at IKEA?

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birthmom- The quality is great IMO.. ours has taken a beating for the past 2.5 years and it's still intact and not felted up or matted much at all. 

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