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Hey Ladies! 


Anyone struggling to get enough protein???  Meat has been grossing me out lately... eggs too! (Sad, cuz I usually love them!) And beans are good to me, but rice grosses me out!   I do consume a bit of dairy, but am looking for other easy protein sources...  Ideas?  Maybe they will spark a "craving" and get me out of this "I hate all protein" funk!!



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How do you feel about almond butter or peanut butter? I've been dipping pretzel sticks in almond butter as a snack and really enjoying it. Also, swiss cheese is a simple snack and not super flavorful. Hummus and pita chips are good too. And, if you like smoothies add some yogurt... Oatmeal for breakfast or cottage cheese and fruit. Just a few ideas, hope some of them sound good to you:)

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OOO! I love the nutbutter! (At least, I usually do!) And I just bought a quart of freshly ground PB and about 2 lbs of almonds.  (I love making my own nutbutters!)  Thanks for that idea.  I am able to do oatmeal... I have been doing that in place of my morning eggs. 


Good good ideas, thanks!

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I'm veg*n and my protein sources as of late have been mostly coming from protein packed smoothies. I have to have one each morning, because my daily eating can be quite odd due to sickness.

I agree with the nut butters, those are good with so many things.

Also, trail mixes, kashi cereals, hummus and veg or even better, ezekial bread.

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