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Bi-Weekly Chat Thread (through 8/5)

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Oh my, this thread takes us into August - exactly 2 months from my due date! Scary! LOL!


I just did the most delicious prenatal yoga class. It was a sub and she made the class a bit more vigorous and flowing than most prenatal classes - she also focused a lot of the poses on shoulder and upper back! I love the relaxing prenatal classes but I often wish they were a bit more challenging. This teacher used to teach prenatal (and is a doula) and now just teaches vinyasa flow - I'm bummed I won't be able to take a class like this again. 


Question: Are you taking time to do anything special for yourself these days? How do you relax?


I think my special time is getting to go to a prenatal yoga class or prenatal swim class. Letting my body relax and feel better and also giving me some time away from my little one. I think I'd like to take more baths and carve out a bit more special "me" time each day. Perhaps I should start doing my bikram yoga cd at home that I keep telling myself I will do and have yet to do even once!


I bought epsom salt today. I'm going to take a nice soak this evening - to relax and hopefully help my crazy legs! I still have restless legs after 2 days on extra mag - but I've also been sleeping well despite it. I think being worn out makes a big difference.



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Vegan-- I love prenatal yoga as well!!  I have found I need to do stretches daily. 


The Natural Calm has worked well for 2 nights in a row-- I have slept like a baby (and the baby has slept too!)  LOL  Trying not to get too excited in case it doesn't last.   I haven't had the laxative effect since the 1st night.  I'm also keeping my calories up during the day-- I am sick of eating and that is not an exaggeration.  DH was a sweetie and made several things today that I can eat all week long.  That will help b/c I am having a major aversion to bread-- so lunch is hard to figure out!


Question: Are you taking time to do anything special for yourself these days? How do you relax?


Due to sleep deprivation, I have been forced to take time to relax every afternoon so that I can survive.  In addition, it is too hot for me to do anything in the afternoon.  Can't believe I am saying this, but I am SICK of summer.  Vegging on the couch with the laptop or TV has been so nice-- though- and the boys have been great to entertain themselves.  I normally never lay around, so it was really hard initially, but I decided to embrace the situation and be happy  :) 


Prenatal yoga feels like a special time for me as well!!!

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We FOUND a rental! Woot! It's small, but cute, and I'm just so excited to be done thinking about where we'll live, that I'll make it work. There's room enough in the bedroom for ds to have his own bed, so that'll be first on my list of things to get going in preparation for the baby coming now that I can really NEST! We'll move in Aug. 1st!


I'm so sorry you guys are having trouble with sleep! I was like an insomniac with ds, but this go around, I've had maybe two nights where I've gotten less than normal sleep?! I go to bed, and I pretty much sleep like a rock (outside of peeing constantly!). I think I'm just utterly exhausted every night though. 


As to what I'm doing for myself...idk. lol It sounds bad, but maybe shopping? lol Not a ton, but I've been doing a lot of window shopping and hopping in and out stores along this super cute area of town and found a few things for the baby or myself that I've splurged on.

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Silly: I'm so glad you are sleeping better! LOL about baby sleeping too. I'm sitting around a lot more these days than I usually do. It's still not a ton, but it's a change. I notice my DD has been entertaining herself better lately. I don't know if it's bc I'm lazier or just bc she is reaching that stage more. I'm guessing it's just her development (she is 3.5). She is getting really into her play - but man does she take out a million things at a time now! 


Pregnova: YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you guy!! Did you end up finding a place in the area you were hoping to be? Did you sign a yr lease? Now you are going to have tons of fun nesting! Enjoy! And I bet not having a car goes pretty far in helping you sleep well. 



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Sorry to hear about the sleeping issues guys, I have been experiencing some of that myself! 


As to the question, I have been doing very little for myself these days, nor have I done a terribly good job relaxing. These days getting 20 minutes to shower seems like a day at the spa. :) I think I am going to try to take more warm baths at night once DD is in bed.


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I had an awful few hours of frequent Braxton Hicks yesterday and had to spend a couple of hours lying on my left side and trying to relax. They did finally ease up or I would have called my midwife. It was so unpleasant and stressful! I'm 27 weeks with #3 and keep realizing things about pregnancy that I had forgotten in the 8 years since I've last been pg! 


Doing for myself? I hired a housecleaner!

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I just got home from visiting my friend who had her baby boy 2 weeks ago (same midwife, water birth at home). He is so precious!! I loved just holding him and watching all those cute movements and expressions as he fell asleep. I can't believe I have one of those inside me. :-) Fun to look at his tiny little foot and think that I have one of those poking out of my side all the time. LOL. It made me super excited!!



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So...does anyone else get this? When baby flips transverse...(because yes, I appear to be cooking a second crazy child and it's venture into head-down-ness ended up being just a tease!) I literally feel like I'm going to die! (I'm only partially exaggerating) I get hot flashes, the belly is SUPER hard and odd looking, and I feel like I have an incredibly painful gas bubble right where I feel the baby. I come the closest I've come the whole pregnancy to throwing up, and it's basically super super super uncomfortable until baby flips again. There's nothing to do except pace the house and push against the baby's foot...or sometimes I find that rubbing my belly with lotion urges it to move back to a more comfortable position. It's happening more often now, but is always for just a few minutes at a time, but seriously...how does anyone carry a baby transverse for any length of time!!! I'm nearly 29 weeks.



Cindy- We are in a great spot...very walkable...very near buses, and across the street from a grocery store. There's even a park a block away, so we're set! It's really small, so I'll have to get creative about the birth itself, lol, (thank goodness I wasn't planning a waterbirth!) but I think as long as everything stays very tidy and organized, it'll work out great for the rest of the time. The best part is we didn't have to sign a year lease and it IS furnished, so we have lots of options once the baby's a few months old. I think we'd still stay here, but it means we could easily move out to something bigger if this isn't working, or continue on a month by month base if we do like it. 

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Hey mamas!


Still in moving limbo over here :(  The house is pretty livable now, except we still have no internet (and likely won't until the end of the week or early next).  Dh works from home, so no internet means no working, which is no good.  We've been staying at my in-laws 40 min away most of the week.  Dh has his computer set up here.  My in-laws are very helpful and generous, but I'm so ready to get my own house more in order and get ds back into more of a routine.  He's been a bit sensitive this whole move, and wants to follow me everywhere, and snuggle a lot.  As far as special me-time, I'm not getting a lot with the moving chaos.  I really just crave time alone right now.  I think it will be easier to get once we actually move into our house.  My in-laws live in 11,000 square feet, and I think the distance between places in the house is only contributing to ds's clingyness. 


Hope everyone else is doing well, gotta go get lunch.

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Hey Mamas! What a beautiful day it is here in Boston. I had the morning off today, so I got a chance to get back to the studio for a group workout. What a treat! Also had a chance to connect with a pp doula, and I'm really excited about working with her. She worked with my midwife after the mw's baby was born, so that was a great way to find someone.


In terms of what I'm doing to take care of myself, because I'm so busy teaching I absolutely have to build in me-time or else I get way too stressed. So, when I drive in to teach in the mornings, I've been listening to music or a meditation talk by one of my favorite teachers. It helps me not get stressed about traffic and about having to get up so early. I also make sure to take a rest after lunch for half an hour, and I listen to a beautiful recording of Tibetan singing bowls that I find really, really soothing. At night before I go to bed, I try to turn on more relaxing music, light some candles, and have tea with my husband. We don't always do this, but when we do it makes going to sleep much more peaceful. (Can you tell I don't have kids yet???) So even though I'm way busier than I want to be, making sure to get these moments of quiet in during the day is helping a lot. I also make sure to exercise almost every morning, which also keeps me feeling strong, physically and emotionally. Finally, I'm making sure to drink a lot of red raspberry leaf and nettle tea every day. I was reading that drinking these infusions is kind of like exercise - you have to do it often enough for it to make a difference in the long run.


Okay, so anyone else dealing with charley horses? Oh, my god! Yesterday when the alarm clock went off, I instinctively stretched, and I suddenly had THE MOST painful cramp ever! My calf is still incredibly sore today. I had a more minor one again this morning because I automatically stretched when I woke up. Not nearly as painful, but I got up and ate a banana right away. And I'm upping my calcium/mag intake. I figured out if I take 200 mg of magnesium in the morning and then 200 more at night, I can avoid the gastric distress of taking too much at one time. Hopefully getting enough of these minerals will make a difference.


Also - carpal tunnel! Anyone else dealing with numbing/tingling in your hands and arms at night? It was really starting to bother me, so I started taking extra B vitamins, especially B6. Didn't have any numbness last night, so maybe it's working!


Other than these small things, I'm so happy to be feeling good and energized at 29 weeks. 


Pregnova - congrats on your rental! What a relief to finally have your own space . . . and with flexible options to figure out the best option down the road. Great!

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Pregnova: Sounds great! I'd be willing to bet you guys won't stay put for a year anyway. ;-) That sounds really painful w/baby being transverse! I haven't experienced that. But definitely some of her big movements hurt a little bit these days. Last night she was kicking the inside of my hip bone. It would make me jump. 


Angelorum: 11,000 sq feet? Holy cow! I hope the rest of your move goes well and you settle in quickly!


Bostonmummy: My prenatal yoga teacher told us eating a banana and a glass of milk should help the cramps. So it sounds like you're on the right track w/eating banana and taking cal/mag. The signing bowls thing sounds nice! Enjoy all the extra relaxation you can fit in before baby comes!


AFM: My SIL had her baby last night. Her third. An 8lb 4 ounce baby boy. :-) I think we were all thinking it would be a girl. 


So I am still having restless legs, despite the mag. But I feel like I am sleeping better from the mag. 


I am sooo achey at night now. I think I'm going to actually buy a pregnancy pillow today. As long as I can return it if I don't like it. I think I sort of overdid it yesterday and perhaps that is why I was extra achey. I worked out on the elliptical and then took DD swimming for an hour plus lots of walking. My pelvis was SO sore by last night. I totally flaked on making dinner. Pelvis still feels bruised today. 



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Bostonmummy: I had THE worst leg cramp a week or so ago. I almost cried it hurt so bad. For me, it's always a sign that I am not as hydrated as I should be. When I ramp the water intake way up, the cramps stop.I feel your pain though... literally!

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Do you know that I am actually limping because of that cramp two days ago?! Crazy. Last night I ate a banana in the middle of the night and still got leg cramps this morning, but not nearly as bad as a couple of nights ago. I don't think it's from being dehydrated b/c I drink about a gallon of water and rrl/nettle iced tea during the day. But maybe I'll just keep downing water every time I get up to pee and see if that helps.


Last night was such a bad night - with the numbness/tingling in my hands/arms starting as soon as I lay down on either side. I had to sleep on my back in order to prevent the pins and needles, and it took me a long time to fall asleep because I don't find that position comfortable. I was already exhausted, so not being able to sleep was extra frustrating. I SO wish I weren't working so much right now just when this pregnancy is getting more and more challenging. I worry about the lack of sleep and the extra stress. I guess that means I just have to work extra hard at staying calm and not stressing out about things I can't control. I'll be SO happy when this summer is over!!!


Hope you all are sleeping better than I am and are finding these summer days as relaxing as possible. Off to teach!

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Hi mamas!

I'm on holidays for two weeks and we rented a cottage for a week. I am so excited to relax and float around in the lake. My kids can't stop talking about it which just adds to the anticipation!

As for taking time out for myself, I'm embarrassed to admit that I had grand plans to be super fit and healthy this pregnancy, do yoga, etc. I get up for work at 5:15 in the morning and get home at around 4 and by that time, I just don't even want to leave the house again. So I haven't signed up for a yoga class. The only exercise I get is walking the dog. My old girl's a 10 year old golden retriever with a bad hip so we make a great team waddling around the neighborhood.

The midwife called with my GD test results a few weeks ago and my glucose was fine, but my hemoglobin is low, so she asked me to start taking iron supplements. I was dreading this because I already have issues in the bathroom department and getting backed up. I haven't had bathroom issues, but the pills were giving me major indigestion. Seriously, burping all day was making me feel gross and grumpy. So I've started taking them before bed at night and it's much better. I've been sleeping pretty well except for the weird dreams. I had 3 bizarre dreams last night that I remember.
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Boston, I'm sure you are drinking plenty, but I did want to add that nettles can dehydrate you...not sure if the same is true for rrl, but might be something to consider and compensate for with even more water. Those leg cramps sound awful! I hope you find a way to get better sleep soon!


hibiscus- My weirdo dreams have started up...they have nothing to do with pregnancy or birth whatsoever, but man are they bizarre...and SO vivid. It's totally a new thing for me, and it's sort of creeping me out although I should count myself lucky to still be sleeping as well as I am!


Cindy--awwww! I'm so jealous you got to hold a little one! I'm starting to get nervous that I've forgotten how to hold a newborn now that ds is just so...big! lol And yeah, it'll sort of be a miracle if we actually decide to stay longer than six months given our travel history! although dh seems REALLY set that we're here for a long while.


DH and I are actually talking decorating for our new place which is a first for us. lol I think he's having the tiniest bit of nesting along with me! We're trying to decide between leaving the bed up high on its frame, or having the owner take out the frame and putting the mattress on the floor which would give us room for a twin mattress for ds. Otherwise, we'd probably have to go with a toddler bed/mattress which just isn't as useful. And, I've figured out a few little things to organize the space better for ds and dh is actually on board for all of them...which, seriously guys, is totally not him. lol 

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Pregnova: Awww your DH is nesting! My friend that had her baby 2 weeks ago - her DH did most of the prep! Mine, not so much. LOL. He's helping me with the stuff I need help with and ask him to do, but that's about it. And of course you'll remember how to hold a newborn! Comes right back. I had to stand and bounce w/the little guy - oh man did I spend SOOOOOOOOO much time bouncing when DD was little!!


Boston: You're still limping? That sounds awful! I'm sorry you are so busy on top of starting to not feel or sleep great. I find I am losing my motivation to run around all over the place with my daughter like I usually do. And I just have to be ok with that! Will things slow down for you in another month?


AFM:  I broke down and bought a Boppy pregnancy pillow yesterday. Made sure I could return it if I didn't like it. I think I'm keeping it!!! I actually slept an entire night with ZERO aches or pains!!! I'm still getting used to it, but I was pretty comfy and I felt soooooo much better than I have every other night lately. I still had some times of my mind racing and being awake, so not a perfect night sleep - but I suppose the pillow can only do so much. LOL. I hope last night wasn't just a fluke of feeling good!


30 weeks today!!! Eeeck, I'm in the "3"s now!! LOL. 



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It's slow around here! How was everyone's weekend? How are you ladies feeling?


My weekend was nice. Friday was my birthday. I was an over-tired, hormonal mess all morning. Had insomnia the night before. But I got a good nap in the afternoon and enjoyed a rare date night with my husband. Saturday DH and DD baked me a cake and made me a 2nd birthday dinner so we could celebrate with DD. 


DD woke up with croup at 5 am this morning so we spent a lot of time at home today. I did a yoga class, but I think it made me feel worse and more sore today. I'm just terribly achy today! I feel very stretched and baby keeps cramming herself on my right side and pushing out and making my whole tummy majorly lopsided. It cracks me up to see, but doesn't feel great.


I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. Looking forward to that. Then my brother, sister in law and their ELEVEN children arrive Tuesday night for 3 nights!! I'm dreading that a bit. Though it's not actually nearly as bad as it sounds. They stayed with us 2 yrs ago and the older kids (they range from almost 5 to 19 yrs old) really do a great job of keeping the little ones calm and well behaved. I know they will be out exploring the city most of the day time/early evening. It's just a bit overwhelming to think about. LOL!


Have a great week everyone! Good luck w/the move this week Pregnova!



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Happy Birthday Vegan! You have company with 11 kids coming ?!! At least it's summer and you don't really mind! I'm tired just thinking about that for you - ha ha!

Sorry I've been out of the chat loop, just way too much going on, but I've been reading :)


Feeling pretty good overall - I totally feel stretched out too! It is funny to see how they like to site, kick and roll. Pregnova, I thought of you the other day when this little guy turned transverse - ouch is right! He stretched a set of ligaments and muscles (including my back) that had never hurt before, thank goodness it only lasted a day!


I finally picked up the alpaca wool I'm going to make hats from. DS loved the hat I made him last winter, and wants me to make matching ones for him and his baby brother. He even picked out a cute pair or alpaca knit booties while we were there as a gift for the baby - so cute!  I'm NOT an experienced knitter, but these hats should fill some time nicely, even though it feels weird knitting in this heat!


Just trying to get the day going here before it gets too hot, sorry for the lack of personal hello's! hope everyone is feeling good..I think we're almost all in the 3rd tri now right? 

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Happy Birthday, Cindy! Sounds like the second half of your day was great. So nice to hear! Okay, can I just say: ELEVEN kids?????!!!!! How do they get to you? A bus? Two vans? Hope despite the normal chaos such a big family brings that you really have a great time.


Springmum - happy knitting!


Pregnova - happy moving! Happy nesting!


Yep, I'm definitely in my 3rd trimester, and I can feel things are getting harder. The 2nd tri was such a breeze that I thought it would just continue all the way through like that. Wishful thinking, I know! ;) I've taken to getting into an epsom salt bath every night before bed since even though I take plenty of magnesium and calcium it sometimes isn't enough to ward off the restless legs. I've also had to start sleeping on my back since lying on my side immediately makes my wrists/hands/arms fall asleep. I'd read that taking a vitamin b complex with an emphasis on b6 could help, but it turns out that I get fairly major anxiety from b vitamins, so that attempt at a solution didn't last long! Also, since I don't sleep well on my back, and since that position is creating extra pressure on the muscles in my mid-back, sleeping is getting more and more challenging. The good news is that if I drink huge glasses of water every time I get up to pee, it seems like I can ward off the charley horses that were literally crippling me last week. So, progress in one area, at least!


I am so grateful to have a lighter schedule this week. The first group of students leaves later today and the second group doesn't arrive until Thursday, so even though I still had to go in today and will again on Thursday, I don't have any intensive teaching until Friday. It's next week that's going to be really tough again because I only have Tuesday off, and then I work every day until Sunday. But at least I can breathe a little bit this week. Thank goodness. I need it!


Okay, question for you all: is anyone else completely not in the mood these days? Feeling sexy is kind of the last thing on my mind right now. Of course, working so much doesn't help, but then neither does being 7 1/2 months pregnant. Fortunately my husband is really okay with it, but it still feels kind of sad and strange to be missing out on that part of our relationship. Makes me wonder how long it's going to last. Hopefully not long!

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My brother has a 15 passenger van! And they pull a u-haul trailer behind it with all their pillows, blankets and stuff. They're pretty brave in the things they take sooo many kids to do! They've already hit disneyland and are in Big Sur exploring and presumably hiking around. They are a blended family. My brother had 4, she had 6 and they had a final one together. It works really well for them - amazingly enough!


Bostonmummy: My prenatal yoga teacher talked a lot about arms falling asleep yesterday bc two people in class complained of it. 1 person is on her 2nd preg and said that with her first it was so awful she just wasn't sleeping at all at the end from it. My teacher stressed making sure your pillow for your head is high enough to let your bottom arm stick straight out without getting pinched and having a pillow next to you to hug to keep your top arm off of it. But really she said pregnant women are prone to some sort of something getting pinching in the upper back that causes it (I couldn't tell what she called it). She reccomended seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist to fix it, I couldn't imagine sleeping on my back! It makes me to short of breath really quickly. But she also said that if you have to, to buy a big wedge shaped pillow to lean against and also put something under your kneees and maybe on either side for your arms to rest on too. 


RE sex. We're not really having any. Haven't been for most of the preg. My husband is too creeped out this time, knowing there is a little girl right there. He says it's like having a threesome with our daughter. It's different for him this time, now that he already has a relationship with our 3 yr old daughter. He has caved a bit lately though. I was pretty bummed for a while and wanting it, but at this point I don't really care anymore. I know the frequency really dropped off at this point last time too bc it was just akward and I think the times we did were more for his benefit than mine!



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