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Ha! Sex is like a joke over here...sigh...my libido is just completely a no go this pregnancy with the exception of like a week or two in the middle. I'm REALLY hoping that breastfeeding doesn't keep it this low after pregnancy! It didn't last time, but I feel SO sorry for dh...and I do miss not being in the mood myself!


We move Wednesday!!! I'm so freaking excited! I've started nesting hard core...gathering birth supplies like old towels, herb, ect... and getting really excited to organize our new home. I had another meeting with my doula yesterday, and she's still awesome, so that's exciting ;-) We sort of finalized things I want her to do or remind me of during the birth and figured out when I'll call her ect... Birth seems SO real now!


11 kids Cindy? Wow. Really...just wow. lol 


I've finally gotten to the point where I'm ready for a nap mid-day. I've been SO active this whole pregnancy, and I sleep so good, that I've not really noticed much in the way of extra tiredness until very recently. But yeah...a day out and about means spending the next three days hanging at home trying not to fall asleep! lol 


But hey guys, we're SO CLOSE! holy cow!!!

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What's sex? I vaguely recall it wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by micromama View Post

What's sex? I vaguely recall it wink1.gif

Ha ha - I'm trying to remember how this baby even got herewink1.gif

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Well, at least I'm not the only one! Glad to hear it . . . :)

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My visiting family went off and did their own thing today - I def don't have the stamina for what they had planned. I took DD to swim in a lake with some friends. My friend's friend came, along with her 1 month old baby girl. I held her and fed her a bottle. She was 6lbs 6 oz at birth and is probably a little under 8 lbs now. I've gotta say - it freaked me out a little!!! LOL. She's just SO tiny. I'm excited and freaked now. LOL. My DD was 5 lbs 12 oz when she was born at 38 weeks - so I'm expecting a baby around the same size as the one I held today. 


At my midwife appt on Monday I was still measuring ahead - 32 weeks at 30.5 weeks. But I had only grown a cm in 2 weeks, so the amount I'm ahead is diminishing a bit. My midwife said that from feeling the baby she doesn't think I'm going to have a huge baby or anything. I'd be shocked if I did - all the babies in my and DH's families have been around 7 lbs when born around their due date.



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My last post on this thread got lost in cyberspace. Our laptop keeps dropping the internet connection...argh!!

Quick update...The Natural Calm is working great and so i am sleeping well!!! joy.gif

This past weekend my mom, sister, and I spent a great weekend alone so my mon could teach us to quilt (longtime desire of mine(. Finally have a new hobby!!! 1/2 way done with a quilt for the baby!!!!! Will post pics soon!!

As long as i walk and do yoga i feel great!!

Ditto on sex greensad.gif

Getting excited for fall...for obvious reasons!!
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I had my ultrasound Sat to see why I am measuring so big....and no surprise... it's simply a big baby. DS was over 10 lbs so I was expecting nothing else. They had baby at 3.9 lbs and from what I've read that's about a pound over average. She did point out that the length of baby's femur is very long so that probly distorts the weight estimate.

Anyways I am confident that my body wont make a baby to big to get out so I am excited to find out how big this one is!


I've added an extra day at work starting this week which sounds a bit nuts but it will be nice to have a few extra bills payed off by the time baby comes and mat leave starts!!!!

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lol,  well, I'm not even going to post how big I'm measuring now. lol We'll just assume I'm mis-measuring although I'm a bit worried I'm actually measuring correctly because the belly has POPPED you guys. Like...people are asking me when the baby is going to arrive because they think it's coming tomorrow! lol And...um...anyone else have a belly that's like the wrong shape for maternity shirts? I have like NO extra fatty weight, but the belly is like a rounded egg shape and very low, and all of my maternity shirts are either too tight, or don't cover the bottom! Bah!



In other news, we're moved! Yay! I love it! It's also like a HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders and now it's all about the coming baby ;-)

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Hi all!


Still trying to play catch-up with all the posts.  Hope everyone is doing well.


Pregnova-so glad you are finally in your new place!  That must really be a huge relief!


Cindy-I hope you are enjoying your company!


Sillymom- the quliting sounds wonderful!  It's something I've always wanted to learn but haven't yet.  Glad the natural calm is bringing you some relief.


AFM, I'm still trying to find a new care provider.  I had a phone interview with a hospital midwife today and I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with that practice.  I feel like they would be a last resort for men (they insist on ultrasounds and would want me to do a second GD screening which I really don't like) but at least I've made contact with them.  I also put out feelers with two homebirth midwives and I really hope one of them will be a good fit.  It's starting to get a bit stressful trying to find someone.  If none of these midwives will work, I'll have to try to find an ob but I'm not at all comfortable with that and have not been able to get any recomendations for ones in the area who have the reputation of being natural child-birth friendly and who would take a new transfer at this point in time.  I really wish DH was comfortable with UC but he just isn't and I don't feel comfortable with doing it unless he is willing to truly be a partner in the process and 100% on board. The good news is I have found a doula who lives close and is from my hometown.  She trained with a bunch of my friends there and we have many mutual friends.  I'm so excited that she's going to be part of my birth team.


Also, after having felt really good for several months I have a pinched nerve in my lower back.  Yesterday I got stuck leaning on the dining room table and had to wait there for 20 minutes till DH got home from work to help me to the sofa.  I couldn't move my right leg enough to take a step and every time I tried I burst into tears it hurt so badly  DH called out from work today to help me out and take DS to his pediatrician appointment.  I can move a little better now as long as I alternate warm baths and ice packs constantly.  I hope by tomorrow my range of motion is good enough that I can maybe use some belly dancing movements to loosen some things up and get past this pain. If that doesn't work I'm going to have to find a chiropractor.   I just can't imagine dealing with this for the rest of this pregnancy.  My hip and pelvic pain during my last pregnancy had nothing on this.

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Pregnova-- YES-- my belly is the same.  I assumed it was b/c I was so tall.  I have several tshirts that no longer work unless I am willing to show part of my belly.  AND-- people are assuming that I am due soon.  This has always happened to me b/c usually by 6 months by belly is as far out as it's going to get, and then it keeps getting rounder and higher...    So excited that you have finally moved!!!!  Let the nesting begin!!


Under- so sorry that you're dealing with finding a new provider, but thank Goodness you are looking for someone you are comfortable with!!  I think the doula is the most important anyway-- so I am happy you have a good doula!!!  My sister is my doula, so I am a bit biased with that opinion!!  :)


Amanda-- awesome that you make big healthy babies!!!!!

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I'm in the same boat as Amanda with growth. I was measuring 33 weeks along at 30w 2d, so the OB asked me to get an ultrasound. It's scheduled for Monday the 13th. I'm tall and, although this is my first, I was a 10 pound long and skinny baby and my brother was 9.5 pounds. Also, I did the silly glucose test and my number was 83, so absolutely no concern for GD being a factor. I'm assuming we're just going to have a large baby.


But we're already getting interesting information from the OB though about it. I said that I would do the ultrasound but that my baby is fine and is just a healthy size. I said I didn't want this to snowball into them pushing a C-section at the first sign of trouble because they know she's large. I was lucky to find out (sarcasm) that they would give me a "fighting chance" to delivery vaginally. Gee, thanks!! Am I just being sensitive, or was that a really junky way for her to say that I have no input in the birth of my baby? I thought I was the one paying them to help with the birth, not control it.


Is it too late to tell them all off and just do it ourselves at home? Haha. Even our chiropractor is hassling us about our feelings on vaccines. I guess he didn't really mean it when he started out saying that we should do whatever we feel is best for our family and ignore anyone who tells us differently.


Is anyone else fed up with their care providers??

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Skinnylove: It frustrates me so much when I hear stories like this! I have a friend who's homebirth midwife pressured her into birthing at the hospital bc she thought the baby was going to be super small and need help and my friend had a 7lb+ baby (friend and her husband are both super small boned and thin). I would be so pissed if I lost the birth I wanted over someone's conjecture. My midwife who delivered my daughter told me TONS of stories of big babies she delivered naturally at the birth center or at home and their mamas didn't even have a tiny tear! If you aren't happy with your care provider, definitely look for another! It's your body and your baby and your birth!


Pregnova: Yay for being moved!!!! I'm so happy you can relax now. And I have the same issue with a lot of my shirts. I have been wearing pants and skirts mostly under my belly, not the major over the belly ones - so when the shirt is too short, I'm totally showing skin. I think they were made crappy bc they should last a lot longer! Not all my shirts are like that though, thankfully. But I suppose you could always do dresses.


Undertheoak: That sounds so horrible to be stuck there unable to move! I hope you can get into the chiro and get some lasting relief!! I also hope you can find a provider you are happy with. I'm sure that is stressful at this point to not know.


Amanda: Yay for paying off extra bills!


Sillymom: So glad the natural calm is helping. I feel like I sleep much deeper when I remember to take my magnesium before bed. 


AFM: My 13 houseguests just left!! I survived! LOL. It wasn't bad. My 3 yr old had SOOO much fun playing with her cousins. She totally cried when they left. They didn't leave the house a shambles. Of course it's not up to my standards so I am spending all my energy cleaning today - but they actually left it in better condition than say 2 house guests might. The house seems so empty and peaceful now. They're generally well behaved but 11 kids do increase the volume level and they brought a ton of stuff with them - so there wasn't a lot of space to walk or work in the kitchen or sit. 


Now I just have to survive my bedroom closet being ripped open next week so a leak can be fixed and mold remediation done. I'm freaked they are going to find some major leak and it'll cost us a fortune! But once that is complete, there are no more big visits or events - just time to hunker down and mentally prepare for baby! :-)



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Awww skinnylove....how awful to feel that pressure and now be unsure about your provider! If you're really uncomfortable, by all means switch! I switched with ds at 32 weeks and while I'm not pleased with the birth experience I ended up having, I have no doubt that I would have ended up with a C-section had I not made that switch. If you have a bad vibe now from your provider I'd totally start looking into different options!


Under- I hope you find someone you really connect with soon! I'm sure it is stressful while you're having to pick and choose through all the options this far along!


Cindy- Whew...I can only imagine what that visit was like! lol 


I finally sent off a long list of stuff to have sent from storage to my mother-in-law, so now I'm just waiting for all of it to arrive so I can sort out what I still need for the Baby. It's a lot like waiting for Christmas. lol

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