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pre-eclampsia :(

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I flew to Boulder last Monday (at 34 weeks) for a 2-week work training.  I was feeling off the whole time I was there, so by Friday my midwife told me to get my blood pressure checked, and it was 142/89.  So she told me to head immediately to a hospital.  They admitted me Friday night, did some blood tests, did a 24-hour urine test, and checked my blood pressure every 20 minutes.  The baby is doing great, but my BP didn't come down enough and I ended up with 325mg of protein in my urine (the cut-off for pre-eclampsia is 300mg).  So, the doctor said I have "mild pre-eclampsia."


She released me yesterday so I flew home today.  I feel better already - no altitude & more oxygen in the air, plus I'm in my own home with my husband.  But I'm really scared of what this might turn into, and I'm worried the birth center won't let me birth there anymore.  I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow to see what's up.


Does anyone else have experience with this?  Any tips or suggestions?  Is there anything I can do about it?  I've been doing SO well throughout this pregnancy.  I've done everything I was supposed to and have felt so good and healthy the whole time, and this just came out of nowhere.

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This happened to me @ 41&3 last time. My bp was 115/75 the whole pregnancy then it suddenly went to 130/90 for no apparent reason. I was shocked because I felt fine. Because I was late already my midwife sent me to the hospital to be induced. Well, overnight, my bp came down and the cervadil did nothing, so after we begged, they let us back out of the induction and just do a 24 hr urine collection. That turned out fine and I ended up going into labor naturally and was able to use the birth center (i later transferred to the hospital for unrelated reasons where I was able to give birth vaginally with pain relief).

When this happened to me, I thought that the midwives were overreacting, and perhaps they were a little, but I have since been told that pre-eclampaia is the leading cause of maternal and fetal demise worldwide and in th us. Doctors and midwives take it seriously because it really is serious. It usually only comes up fairly late in pregnancy, so it isn't surprising that it is just starting. I can't tell you what your midwives will do about risking you out, but if they do, please know that of Is for a good reason. If you are risked out, I highly recommend that you consider getting a doula if you haven't already.

I would also like to tell you that after birthing at a hospital last tike (totally not my plan and I fought hard against it) changed my perspective. We had a GREAT experience there. Everyone was kind to us and supportive of our decisions. No one judged us or gave us a hard time AT ALL. It was soooo much different than I expected and I don't fear it if it happens this time.

Good luck, I hope you get the answer you are looking for today.
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Let us know how your midwife appointment goes!

Pre-e is something I have feared for this whole pregnancy, and I'm still really nervous.  My blood pressure went up to 125/84 this weekend (I've been checking it myself, a bit obsessively, since saturday when I had a bad headache and had braxton-hicks ALL DAY LONG).  In the end, I think it was related to letting myself get dehydrated (it's HOT here in FL right now and I've been pretty active), but I'm still nervous.  


My midwife suggested that I get lots of rest (and more importantly, RELAX), take warm baths with epsom salts, drink beet juice (4 oz a day) and that cucumbers (either juice or whole) may also help to lower blood pressure. Of course keep eating lots of protein and getting some exercise.  

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Shucks penny! However, when I immediately saw that you were in High altitude I was thinking this was probably a contributing factor. Hopefully  some rest, lots of protein, and home will bring it down. 

Thinking of you mama!

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Oh no! Pre-e has been one of my biggest fears too. Please let us know how things go at your appointment today, Penny. As a first-timer, I have no advice. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this type of situation could be a temporary thing though? Or is there no way back once you start down the pre-e road? It's scary to think that it can come on so quickly, and with no warning.

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Sorry to hear this, Penny. I hope that things get better and you get all the help and support you need to monitor it and stay well.

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Oh Penny, I'm sorry this has happened to you!  Sounds scary but at least you're back home, baby is ok, and you're able to take proper care of yourself.  I don't know anything about the condition but I do hope it resolves itself soon.  I'll be thinking of you!!

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Penny, I hope that this resolves itself.  Hopefully it was just the altitude and stress of traveling. hug2.gif Regardless, I'm sending good thoughts your way and hope that you and baby stay as healthy and safe as possible.

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Oh Penny, I hope now that you're home this resolves itself and you have nothing further to worry about.


Pre-e has been one o my big fears this pregnancy.  I've had high BP this whole pregnancy and been on BP meds.  The last several MW visits my BP has been borderline, even with the meds.  Thankfully there's been no protein in my urine so far.Praying it stays that way and that my BP stays under control.


Do everything you can to relax and lower that BP.  Praying for an uneventful rest of your pregnancy.

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So sorry you are dealing with this Penny!  I hope you get some good news with the midwife today. 

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Penny, I'm so sorry.  I don't know enough about it, but I'm hoping it was just travel and altitude related.  Hopefully you'll get better results from your appointment today.  Again, I'm no expert, but my birthing instructor claims that the Brewer diet is capable of turning around mild pre-e.  You are probably already eating this way to begin with, but it might be something to look into.  I know how active you've been and how careful, so it totally sucks that nature sometimes just does whatever the hell it wants to.  ***Hugs*** and let us know how everything goes at the appointment today.

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I really hope everything calms down and it was just a fluke.  I know how much it hurts to think of things not going smoothly as you hoped.  :(

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My BP was 149/89 today.  Due to the "official diagnosis" of pre-e, I can't give birth at the center anymore.  They gave me a list of things to do/eat/drink/etc to try to bring things down, and there's a chance that if everything gets better & we have another conversation that I might be able to go back, but it's unlikely.  I know it's not my fault but it's so hard not to feel like I failed somehow.

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I'm sorry to read this, Pennyhug2.gifYou certainly did not fail! You have nurtured and cared for the baby inside you in so many positive ways throughout your pregnancy. Do you know the ob/hospital where you may have to deliver if the bp and protein don't ease up? Becoming familiar with them may make you feel more in control. I know I'm not in your shoes at the moment, but since my ob dropped all her pregnant patients a few weeks ago, it has been at least a relief for me to choose the hospital and start getting to know the new ob. It gave me back some sense of control over the shock and disappointment I was dealing with.

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I agree with Andaluza, Penny. You did not fail--not in the least. There are some things that are just entirely out of our control, and you've been so conscientious about the health of your body and your baby the whole way through. This is one thing that just can't be controlled. But I can only imagine how heartbreaking and disappointing it is to think about having to change your birthing plans and dreams at this point. Hoping you'll be able to find an alternative caregiver and location that you can feel good about. hug2.gif

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Oh Penny, I can relate. That was how I felt too. But don't discount the fact that your body has grown and nurtured a beautiful healthy child. Nothing that happens at this point will ever change that. Mine turned around, I really hope that yours does too. If it doesn't, it will still be ok even if it isn't part of your original plan. Again I would highly recommend a doula if you are going to have a natural birth in a hospital - it is definitely doable, but a little extra support will go a long way. I'm thinking of you.
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I really hope this works out for you and that the diet and other things they recommend change things.  If not, are there hospitals in the area you feel comfortable with?  I didn't get the option of a birthing center at all because there isn't one in our city (or anywhere even remotely nearby), so I've created a pretty awesome plan with my doctor and doula and husband.  Hopefully there are some hospitals near you where you can have close to the experience you were hoping for even with the pre-e diagnosis.  And I second what everyone above said (and you know): This isn't a failure at all, it's a totally random thing that just happens.  And it sucks.  I'm really sorry, lady.  Keep your chin up.  We need to see that fabulous Pennywhistle smile in the Belly Thread again!

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My midwife will be at the birth, regardless of where it is, so if indeed we go with the hospital route, she'll be there as my doula.  I'm just so sad to give up the center - it's such an awesome place, and all my prenatal care has been in the birthing room so I've been really connecting with the space and filling it with so much love & good energy, so it's so heartbreaking to know that it won't be where I give birth.  But, I've heard great things about Kaiser Walnut Creek, which is a 20 minute drive away - they have midwives & birthing tubs, so I'm going to check it out and get on a new track.  So glad to have all your support here.

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I'm glad your midwife will be at your birth! It is so tough to change paths this late in the game, so I'm glad you get a consistent caregiver at least. I hope you feel comfortable with the hospital when you check it out, even if it won't have the same vibe as the birth center. 

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One of my midwives went with me as a doula when I transferred with Elsa.  I feel like it made a huge difference having someone there who knew what was going on, and could be an extra help and reassurance for me.  I'm glad you'll get to have yours, even though it's so sad to lose that experience you thought you were going to have.

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