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Hiding the belly

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Is anyone else trying to hide their bump/bloat from coworkers, family, friends, etc?
We're not sharing the news until 12 weeks, but with my weight and lack of tone in the ab department due to previous pregnancies, I'm sure I'll be "showing" by 8 or so weeks - even if just to people who know me well, and know that I have trouble gaining weight.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks to share?? I'm already trying to find some loose-fitting tops (thank GOD those came back into style...), but is there anything else that people have found to work??

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and just for laughs, Tina Fey on hiding your bump: http://www.ehow.com/video_4441460_hiding-pregnancy-clothes.html
I just wish I could hide my sea bands! This is the first day I've used them and I cannot imagine going to work without them now. Long sleeves in summer = hot and sweaty. greensad.gif
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We're trying to hide until week 12-14. I'm hoping being somewhat overweight might help me, but it could also make it a problem. Thanks for the videos!

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ClumsySugarPlum- The Tina Fey video is not the right link, as it's the same as the second link you posted!  Do you have the Tina Fey one still?  I could use a few laughs!

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