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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

oh yeah, and one more thing..
I just found out that August has 2 full moons- the blue moon will be Aug 31. How cool would it be to have a baby on a blue moon??

WOW!  I totally want a blue moon baby!  ... "once in a blue moon..." ... gah!  I'd feel like I'd totally have to pick a stellar (as in, star/moon/heavens-related name) if that truly happened!  Wow!  I dont' know why that just gave me chills, but it did!  Maybe because it really could happen!  (my EDD is Sept 8th) ... not likely (no babies before 41 weeks for me thus far), but.. maybe?!


So much activity lately here!  I think we're all beginning to really feel the time crunch of how little time is left and there's so much that goes on in the last trimester as we prepare meals, clean homes, clean clothes/diapers, ready spaces for our LOs to sleep/rest/exist, prepare birth kits/birthing spaces, etc, etc... Wow!


I know I've been feeling the crunch, but I've also been feeling So Much More this time around.  So Much More _______ and it would be true!  So much more tired, exhausted, worn out, exctied, nervous, 'heavy', large, ready/NOT ready!  ... Seriously... even just now after getting my girls to bed (thank the heavens they went to bed smoothly... last night dd4 was up a LOT up until about 1 a.m., then dd3 had an upset stomach and thought she'd puke, so I was up with her multiple times between 2:30-4 a.m. .. then had to get up at 6:30 a.m. :( ), I still had to load up the dishwasher and the whole time my belly just felt heavy and tight.  Not painful, just heavy, tight, and made it hard to even walk around.  So... I finished up dishes and came on here.  I'm good to go in the mornings, but by the evening my body is d.o.n.e.  Doesn't help feeling like baby is so low I'm going to pee my pants with every stinking step because my bladder is so squished (and I am really trying to stay plenty hydrated as well because it was just about 100* again today).


On top of physical trials, today was a very emotionally trying day for me.  DD1 (10) has a friend that I dont' mind, but I DO the friend's mother (FM from here on out for ease of story-telling).  FM really isn't all there.  Literally.  I hear much brain-frying is due to over-indulging on perscription meds... but she's just really not there and she just gives me creepy/negative feelings.  DD1s friend isn't so bad, except when she gets her mom's phone and calls my cellphone five times in a row (which I don't answer if we're busy with family or other activities) or texts "pweese, pweese, psweese, pweese (repeat 15 times) can i play with madalin?" (always spelled wrong) and then sends that message a couple times in a row.  I'd be quite upset if my dd1 was sending texts like that to another parent's phone, but .. clearly I have different standards... ugh... anyway... we've been quite busy this summer (THANK GOODNESS) so they haven't been able to get together, but today FM drove the friend over here to see if dd1 could go over there and play.  I had reservations about it all (always do), but figured if I allowed it today, it would maybe tide them over for a while... so I said dd1 had to be home by 4:30 and FM said sure. .... At 4:30 dd1 calls while I was helping dd4 in the bathroom and left a voicemail that they were running behind, but she'd be home soon.  Then she called at 4:50 and dd4 was upset so I couldn't hear everything, but said something about FM not being ready and that FM had to go to the grocery store... so I asked dd1 to be taken home BEFORE they went to the grocery store ... I was hoping for an early dinner so everybody would maybe go to bed early... Finally at 6:12 p.m., dd1 gets home.  I. was. livid.  I was about to gather up the younger three and start walking (there are only two grocery stores here)...(oh, and I couldnt' drive to look because dh took the vehicle to work today).  Nearly two hours later than I had requested she be home and FM *FINALLY* brings dd1 home.  I had cried, I had been swearing up a storm (in my head anyway) and just generally feeling so out-of-control about it all.  I trusted this woman with my daughter's well-being and felt completely disrepected by her actions.


(crap... dd4 is up)

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Sorry for that long ramble... it all really just crushed and exhausted my day and the emotional weight was nearly too much to bear. I did have a talk with dd1 that *she* was not in trouble, but that I did have a problem with the way FM handled the situation because FM had my precious child and I was clueless as to her whereabouts or when if she'd get home.

I'm just hoping for some sleep tonight.
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judybean - I would also be livid. You hadn't heard from anyone in an hour and a half? And FM passed the phone off to your DD instead of calling you herself? That's seriously not okay.

I didn't even think about bacteria in the pool. Honestly! Well - we won't be pre-filling it anyway, but I would have considered it sometime postdates if not for the dog/toddler lol.gif Thanks for pointing that out!

We had to travel unexpectedly this weekend -- DH's grandfather passed away and his visitation is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. We're staying at my mom's house right now (about 5 hours from our house and 4 from where the funeral will be) and it's making me think that a trip to see my friend 7 hours away will be feasible -- I know my friend would like to know, but it's hard for me to decide. I'd really like to see her -- DD was born on the day she got married and I haven't seen her in person since before that, and she's since had a baby. But I also really don't want to be stupid about it and be miserable and stuck driving/away from home. DH's brother, who we only see once a year is coming to visit next week, so the trip would need to be the week after that -- I'd be 34/maybe 35 weeks depending on when I left/came back.

Anyway, I'm hoping that things go well at church today with my grandparents. It's a super-small congregation (around 12 people) and last time we were here, DD was a terror. And then we have to drive and there's the visitation tonight and the funeral tomorrow. It's hard to be good when you are two. And I just remembered that I forgot to pack a bib for her. She doesn't normally wear one, but then she's not normally in nice clothes, either.

Also, am I the only one who goes on the Mothering photo contests and just votes for everyone? I did it with the breastfeeding and cloth diapering photo contests, too, and they just told me I had met my quota for giving thumbs up for the babywearing one :P I dunno -- I feel like, even if they're not going to win, everybody wants a thumbs up for their awesome pic, right?
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Egh. woke up today with some serious hip and general pelvic pain. like my pelvis has been pushed open or something. everything just hurt.. And I have a radiating pain now just right of my spine in my lower back.. I really should see a chiro...
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Originally Posted by Monkey Keeper View Post


insomnia--Anyone else? I am having a terrible time falling asleep at night. It's brutal.


Not falling asleep... staying asleep after I wake up to go to the restroom.  It's awful!  And last night I had to get up five times to go potty!

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yeahthat.gif  Calpurnia, I could have written your post!

Has anyone else noticed a particularly strong - verging on uncomfortable - BH contraction once they get back into bed after a midnight pee?  It's like once my BH contracting belly hits the mattress it's really tender.  It's those late night painy moments that I kind of start to ponder this upcoming birth! 


I'm 34 weeks on Weds, DH I think is starting to freak out.  He started rummaging through the house today getting rid of things and sorting papers, but in a random and kind of stressed way, almost like he was looking for something.  He insisted that we move our warranties and instruction manuals for household stuff like the freezer, washing machine, etc because they are *too close to the onions and potatoes where they are stored now*.  They do share a big storage drawer in the cabinet under the fridge, but they're completely encased in sheet protectors and the potatoes and onions are bagged.  Random times at our house!! 

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Just wondering if most women experience this... I was shopping with my sister yesterday afternoon and as I was walking (waddling), I felt a sharp stabby/rippy pain in the top left part of my bump. It felt a bit better when I put pressure on it with my hand.


So after the initial pain, it's just been sore and really tender to the touch. Simply running my fingers over it hurts. And pushing on it is really uncomfortable.


Is that just normal stretching? I feel like I'm a normal size. Other people say I'm huge but I don't feel huge. I'm 35w1d according to my dates and 36w6d according to ultrasound dating.

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MamanFrancaise-- I get this on the upper right side of my belly. It's always been my most tender spot during pregnancies and I have attributed it to my ever-expanding belly (I don't think mine is huge, but I totally feel like this is the largest I've ever been!!!).

MirandaM-- I've had this happen also... more lately too. I'm 34w1d today and I've noticed them getting more frequent. I've never really had them in previous pregnancies, so I really hope it just means my body is gearing up for birthing earlier! One can hope!
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WCM-- Sounds painful!! I hope you can see your chiro soon!! I really need to see mine, but she's on maternity leave right now... but she'll be back in her office next Monday, thank goodness! I'm feeling like I'm slowly getting more out of alignment and sore!
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Sleeping... Ha! I don't sleep at nights... I always hear of new mothers complaining about their newborns having day and night mixed up. I already have day and night mixed up without a kiddo around. I finally fell asleep at 6.30...am. Then I slept until noon... worked, then will probably go to nap after dinner and be up again all night. ***thank goodness for interesting TV or books***


Rippy feelings...I've had something like this but it was just my LO's knee ripping powerfully across the top of the uterus. It actually left a bruise. =/ Could it be him/her moving around and getting too big?


Travel... I'm going to be driving 9 hours to go visit some family//aka very close friends/// this coming week and a little apprehensive. Usually long road trips don't bother me at all, but I have a feeling I might get bogged down with this one. Any advice on how to handle the straight 9 hour drive?

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Judybean - I would have been so worried and also livid! I have learned from a somewhat similar experience that overly medicated people who aren't quite "there" as you say, can't be relied on - no matter what their intentions, their awareness is being compromised. 


MirandaM - I have noticed strong BH contractions like that, but usually when I wake up having to pee very badly, and it feels better after I go. 


Maman - I also get that stretchy pain and its also at the top right for me too. Benji does hang out on my right side a lot. It's happened each pregnancy for me at random times, I figure its just muscles getting stretched a bit much some days. 


Calpurnia - Chiro sounds like a great idea! I hope to get in a few adjustments in the next few weeks. 


Anya - I would stop a few times to walk/stretch/use the bathroom. 


I had a dream that Benji started walking when he was 9 months old! LOL. I can't wait to see what he is like. :) I haven't been sleeping so well at night, its hard to fall asleep and I wake up at night a few times. But I also manage a few catnaps throughout the day. But apparently I'm also snoring a lot lately, anyone else? LOL. I woke myself up with my snoring the other night. 

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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

this may be a dumb question, but HOW do you tell who is doing what??


At first, it felt like a rave party and really wild that I could feel them SO early.  Then, they moved into a region I could not feel but once they were big enough and high enough, it was pretty distinct.  Sometimes, it is as easy as two are kicking at one time and it just is impossible for it to be the movements of one baby...for example if Baby A head butting my lower left bit of my cervix and then Baby B is kicking on the right side (side note:  the weeks she played with my round ligament were totally uncool LOL) it is very easy.  Other times, it started as a situation where I could see the movements of Baby C, for example head grinding up under my ribs, and then feel kicks from Baby A or B in a place that would be impossible for Baby C to reach at the same time.  After awhile, I just started recognizing who wiggles where.  When they are all together, it is really wild.  Often, much to my dismay, they play this horrible game of worrying me.  One will have a "slow" period for a few days where she must be kicking her sisters more than me.  And then I fret.  However, now they are big enough that I can nudge them gently or play music if I am really worried.

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Originally Posted by AnyaRose View Post

Travel... I'm going to be driving 9 hours to go visit some family//aka very close friends/// this coming week and a little apprehensive. Usually long road trips don't bother me at all, but I have a feeling I might get bogged down with this one. Any advice on how to handle the straight 9 hour drive?
take breaks when you can to stretch your legs. go for little walks when you stop to pee and drink lots and lots of water (which will make you have to stop to pee more, so your 9 hours might be longer than that but you really need to not be sitting that whole time!)
a lumbar pillow might be nice!
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*wrong week!!!*

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