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Hi Mamas, I am a bit late to the party.  I actually am not sure HOW I missed the September due date group!  I hope you do not mind me jumping in.


Everyone sounds like they are doing great and a huge thumbs up to the summer time mamas.  Our first pregnancy only ventured one month into summer and our second went into fall so the summer was manageable.  We're getting by with babies (excellently!) due in the thick/end of summer and so it is wonderful to see everyone else hanging in there.


I can comment to the mama with the pubic pain.  I highly recommend the pool.  Also, and sorry if this is TMI, keep any eye out (or at this point with every lady's belly so big a feel out for) any swelling in your labias.  You could be developing a varicosity which can be painful :(


We're expecting triplets and I found this group when I saw momofafireteam's post.  This Friday will be 31 weeks.  Things are going well, I'm a bit slow (okay, a lot slow) moving around at work but hanging in there!

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you know, my response to dinner to go with Peach Cobbler would be vanilla bean ice cream.  :D

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Wow, Monday was a busy day for this post! Congrats to mamas with new babies and to Anya Rose for the good test results; wendipauline, glad you're getting your house cleared out soon- that would drive me absolutely insane; Carlin, hope the storms weren't too bad and that everyone's safe.


I'm not having pubic pain (yet? *knocks wood*) but I continue to get the hip soreness. I go to the chiro every Monday and it was much better this past Monday-Monday than the week before, which had been horrible.. after last week's adjustment I made a concerted effort to spend most of the day on the exercise ball or a hard work chair, and maybe that helped.


At 32 weeks I'm starting to see a little bit of swelling off and on.. keeping an eye on the ring finger, not sure at what point to just put it on a chain. For most of the pregnancy, minus my anxiety over going to visit my appearance-conscious in-laws, I've been quite happy about my body, but in the last week or two I think the combination of putting on some baby weight (but the kind not directly related to the baby in terms of organs/blood/BABY) and being less able to just move like normal have me feeling some kind of way about it. I caved and got a few more third tri-compatible pieces of clothing; Judy's comment in the picture thread about the importance of feeling good is so true. But the decreased mobility is a tough one to process- honestly, the soreness and stiffness I felt this morning gave me a flash of worry about being strong enough to do what I need to do in labor. I know you don't have to be a triathelete to have a baby, but I think I really need to sit down and talk myself through this problem of just feeling weak. Meanwhile I wish the weather would cool off a bit so I could get out and walk more. 


Okay, that's it for me. Thanks for letting me vent. :)

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Looks like we have another camping trip in the works.. dh is off weds and Thurs and since I'm not at work anymore this is the first time our days off have coincided in years.. seems he'd like to squeeze all he can out of summer! Oy. Vey ....
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Welcome 13pumpkins!  triplets, how very exciting!!


Madi - I am going camping on Friday, I wish luck to us both!  We are "car camping" though, so if I have it my way there will be an air mattress involved!

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from last week's chat:
Calpurnia to Maman Francais: "Your weight gain is amazing, great job mama! I wish I had only gained 14lbs at this point, I would probably feel much more comfortable."

I think I read somewhere that baby, placenta, and extra blood volume alone weigh around 15-20 lbs so really if you've only gained 14 lbs this far, you haven't gained much actual "weight" in terms of fat gain. At my last appointment I was still down 6lbs from pre-preg weight but I was larger to begin with. I haven't been doing ANYTHING at all to restrict, I guess just eating better and making an effort to walk/swim/be active. I wonder how our road trip will have effected my weight gain though- we'll see at my appt today!

we car camp, too Ava's mama. I brought DS's crib mattress with us and used a pillow to prop my feet on where they stuck off the mattress and it was surprisingly comfortable!
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It sounds like I'm not the only one struggling with the heat!  I don't get outside very much at all these days.  I've hardly had any swelling at all, in fact, the doctor was really pleased when she looked at my feet during our last appointment.


I took this past Thursday and Friday off to relax, celebrate my birthday, and just play (while I still can!)  I had maternity portraits taken, and can't wait to see how they come out!  I'll be sure to post a couple in the belly pics thread.  The ladies who took my pics were fabulous and made me feel very glamorous, despite being super ungainly with child.


Friday DH and I had our first prenatal visit with our doula.  I love her.  She gave us a fantastic info packet, and said that we've both gone above and beyond researching and learning about birth.  DH went upstairs to get something for a moment, and she congratulated me on picking a fantastic baby daddy.  He really is my rock.  Last night, he was my sous chef as I had my culinary nesting bonanza and before we went to bed I teared up a little and asked him what I would do without him.


My weekend drama was awful, but I've made a choice to protect myself from emotional anguish as much as possible.  This Thursday my father leaves for his Colorado house and I won't see him until sometime in October.  I'm planning to write him a letter at some point explaining, in a loving way, how his behavior has affected me.  This will give me time to sort through my thoughts, and at least a week to let all of the bad emotions settle before I delve into the letter.


DH and I are almost finished with our birth plan.  Tomorrow's Bradley class is going to be so fun: couples are coming in to share birth stories with us!  I can't wait to hear what they say and hopefully ask questions.  Crazy, only four classes to go.  Less than two weeks until my baby shower, and in four weeks I will be officially "full term" and, three short (or will it feel long?) weeks from my due date.

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Welcome 13 Pumpkins! Wow, another set of triplets for our DDC, how exciting!

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13pumpkins - Did you say you are still working at 31 weeks with triplets?!  That is amazing.  I can't even imagine getting up off the couch lol


I am looking into the pool at the Y - hopefully I can get some swim time with DS1 if my DH can free up some time to watch the girls for me :)

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Ooooh - glad to hear of these camping trips!  We had been planning a trip to a state park in August and just found out that the cabin we were planning on renting can't be rented for just a weekend.  So I think we may try to camp.  We have never taken DS camping but he loves the idea.  We haven't gone in what feels like forever.  I will be 34 weeks when we go but I really want to try for it.  I am encouraged by the camping ladies! 

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How can the temperature be cooler today (92*), yet feel a million hotter than any other day? Because it only cooled down to 70* last night (actually not until about 5:30 am.....).. when it doesn't cool down, our house just starts off that much hotter and so do I. I simply cannot function today in any sort of productive way. I've tried and did manage to get some laundry done , but otherwise I'm simply, completely, and utterly exhausted. And hot. Almost overheated I think. I planned for dh, the girls, and i to go get icees this afternoon, but I can't even go outside to wait in line in the sun. I sent them without me. Just had to whine/vent a bit.... I think it's all messing with my mood too. I hate feeling on the edge of a meltdown.
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judybean - take care in the heat and stay hydrated.  My friend is due a week before me and was just in the hospital for an IV from dehydration and we live in Maine!  Icees sound good though!


Jend - we brought DD camping for the first time earlier this summer and she loved it!  Your DS will have a ball!

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hyde, I'm completely with you on the limited mobility - I'm OVER IT.  I am really looking forward to walking quickly, carrying heavy bags of groceries etc  again.  Although, I am still rocking it on my bike and proud of it :)  It's my one opportunity to move quickly and without (much) discomfort.  I take it easy and shift to a lower gear sooner than normal, but I can still go anywhere in town on my bike and I am loving that freedom.


jend, camping with your DS sounds like a blast, I hope you go for it. 


judybean, I second everything that ava's mama said --- stay hydrated & look after yourself! love your red dress in the bump pics btw :) sassy!


AFM, 33 weeks today! My SIL is in town and she has helped me immensely to get the nursery in order.  She's got great design sense and pushed me to go ahead and order the final pieces for that room - some baskets for toys, a couple of rugs, etc.  She's got my DH (her brother) organizing his stuff, and is basically bossing us all around.  I can deal with that since the result has been great and she's only here for four days! haha.  Only downside is that because she's a tourist here and DH is at work, we've been out and about a LOT and my legs are so painfully tired.  They're just aching all the time - even with my gorgeous thick compression hose.

We went for a swim in the lake last night, it was AMAZING.  I felt fast and light and completely free.  I could move in any direction in absolute freedom absence of any pain or pressure.  DH was diving under and pretending to chase me around, lots of splashing and just happy, happy times.  I was in heaven.  Then we had to get out and the weight and gravity came back in a big way . . . so we're going back tonight. 


And! My brother and other SIL had their baby! 7lbs 7oz - he was a c/s because of breech presentation.  He's blonde and absolutely precious.  They sent me a video of him grunting, starting to cry, then deciding against it, then sneezing and looking very surprised.  I can't wait to meet him.  And I can't wait to meet my baby either!!


Have a great week!!

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I'm 32 weeks. Wow, anyone else getting more anxious as the weeks increase now? When I see 32 I think 8 left. Wow, all these activities you ladies are doing...


Mirandam: I can't believe you bike ride. I've been sore down in that area lately, so I can't imagine biking! I also went swimming yesterday for a short while. I just walked back and forth under the water, the resistance was a nice workout and boy did it feel good!


Welcome 13pumpkins!


AFM: I finally broke down and bought a snoogle. I'm still getting used to it. But it seems to be helping. I also started using a fan, which has cut down on how many times I wake up at night. That upper back pain didn't come back, so I'm starting to think it was just from an extra-intense upper body workout I'd done that day (I was wearing belly support and a sports bra, though, so who knows). I have noticed one or two menstrual cramping feelings in the evening the past two nights. Could this be braxton hicks? I wasn't able to feel them the last time I went to the midwife (not the actual tightening feeling). 


My birth kit came in and that was another "holy cow" moment. And I've been obsessing over what diapers to get after he grows out of these newborn diapers I have. Probably best to stick to my pre-birth list of things to do! I still need to find a pediatrician, get the other recommended stuff on my birth kit list, and on an unrelated note, get my other dog's teeth cleaned. Not to mention I'm in desperate need of a haircut.


I just know that my amazon registry is going to be totally ignored when I have my shower. I put what I needed on it, and I'm sure people will get what they think I need. I love it when people assume my registry is the total summation of what I think I need for this child. Like if a medical kit (thermometer, etc) isn't on there, I must not know to get one.

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I have been lazy and just reading lately. Glad to hear everyone is doing fine, considering we're all nearing the final stage of pregnancy.

@anyarose: sooo glad to hear that nico is doing good and the ultrasound revealed that everything is just perfect with him.

AFM: I think i'm the only pregnant lady who does not like to swim these days. I feel so heavy in the water and it's almost like baby is being pushed into my lungs, i can hardly breathe and my back hurts. Weird. I usually have the kids hanging on me too so it's not like i'm swimming laps.

My belly seems lower than the previous pregnancies. I can't sit up straight cause my belly is pushing on my legs. Best position is laying down or standing up.

I feel good, though i have no urge to leave the house anymore. I sleep good, have a good appetite, lesser moodswings, no aches or pains etc. Boooring i know.
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Originally Posted by MissE View Post
AFM: I think i'm the only pregnant lady who does not like to swim these days.


I've thought the same- you're not alone! I've been a couple of times, and while it's nice enough in the same way it's always nice to get in a pool or lake in hot weather, it really doesn't do much for me.


On a separate, but related note (things that are great in theory, but not so much in practice).. I'm thinking of ditching the prenatal massages. When I learned that my chiro had a massage therapist on staff and that massage was covered by insurance, I was thrilled. Two weeks ago it was super relaxing, though my shoulders were tender for days afterward. This week I found myself cringing and wincing and tensing way up about half the time as she dug into knots in my shoulders, which I don't even consider a real problem area (I even noticed that as I tensed up, baby was like, what's going on?). It's not supposed to be a spa treatment, but man, I feel like it might hurt more than it helps, even when I communicate that it's painful. To top it all off, I asked her for help with my hips, and she spent some time on them, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Plus, she has me lying on only one side, so the other hip is left out. I can almost see not doing any more massages and not really missing them one way or the other. Whodathunkit?


(ETA: Just called to cancel my next appointment and got the chiro on the phone. Her take was that it shouldn't actually be painful, I shouldn't be tensed up during, and that I probably needed to be clearer about my level of discomfort, which sounds fair. Some people like it rougher than others, and as a massage rookie I'm figuring out how to make my preferences known- I guess 'oh, OUCH' isn't enough if you can't also see me grimacing, haha. So maybe I'll give it one more try.. Either way I'm thinking it's not nearly as essential as the adjustments.)


Woke up early today and took advantage of that to get out and walk before 7:00. It was still muggy, and my uterus felt so heavy when I got in? But it was nice. I did learn that I'm not up to wrangling both dogs myself at this point (usually my husband comes with and can take at least one, which is helpful when they get excited).. good to know!

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Re: swimming:  I haven't been swimming during this pregnancy.  I'm sure the water would feel lovely, but our local, little community pool is on its last leg right now (a new, fabulous one is being built, but won't be completed until... September!) and has been closed on and off at various times because of some piece of equipment breaking down.  The next nearest pool is 30 miles away and it's an amazing hot springs pool, but quite pricey.  Not in the budget to drive or swim.  Boo.  Oh well.


hyde -- I think your chiro is right in that you probably just need to vocalize that it hurts.  I've never had a real, proper massage, but even when people come up behind and rub your shoulders (one older, sweet guy I used to work with would always do this), it always hurts me (this former co-worker in particular...).  I just have a really low pain tolerance when it comes to a massage/rubbing/etc... I think it's part of why I'm scared to get a massage in general.  I wish I'd gotten up early to take a walk... it's already 75* out and these days I swear I just overheat so dang fast.


re the heat:  Last night it did get down to 63*, but it was rained and the humidity was at 80% for much of the night when trying to go to sleep... made the sheets feel sticky laying in them... so... argh!  Finally a cooler night and it's crazy humid (for here... living in a desert climate means not much humidity ever, so when it strikes, I'm toast!).  Tonight, I'm crossing my fingers, toes and any other appendages that I can in hopes that it really does get down to the predicted low of.... **drumroll**.... 58*!!!  FIFTY-EIGHT?!  That's pretty much like heaven right there!! 


re camping mamas:  That sounds fun!  Or.. at least what I think of when I think of camping (because everybody around here camps in the mountains... the wonderfully, blissfully cool mountains!).. as long as I had something comfy to sleep on, I'd be good to go!  Camping around here would be a bit tricky with burn bans in place everywhere (thus limiting ways to prepare food.. no charcoal grills, open fires/fire pits, etc..), but could be fun!  Hope you camping mamas have fun!


I still feel like this baby is heavier or something.  When his/her head pushes down on my cervix I do get a bit nervous sometimes and tell baby to stay in for a bit longer... no coming out for at least four weeks is my rule.  After that, I could care less (well, except the house still really needs beaten into shape.. or a match taken to it... ;) ).  My belly is also a lot bigger, I think, than ever before.  At least, I certainly feel huge a lot earlier than I ever have!  (and yeah, I guess I am 33w5d today, so I really am quite near the end, but I feel a lot bigger than ever!).


I'm also developing some end-of-pregnancy pains to whine about ;)  There's a spot on my right, which is right where I can feel my pelvis sticking out at the front, and it has a tendency to go numb in a small area sometimes... and with pregnancy and moving/shifting/widening hips, there's a nerve being pinched more and more and the small spot is getting bigger and just feels weird... it's not painful, just odd.  My chiro is still on maternity leave, but should be back in two or three weeks and I can't wait to go in and see her!!!!


re: taking off rings:  I've never had to take mine off.  I've always worn them without issue and hoping that continues!

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Just got back from the osteopath and I am feeling good.  My heartburn has been BAD, so hopefully her adjustment will help.  I also used two pillows last night and I only had to take two tums instead of four!  I looked at my pregnancy ap on my phone this morning and it said "34 days" left", yikes, that is so soon!  I am feeling pretty good as far as preparation.  I need to still gather some more items for the irth supplies, but I have most items.  Other things to do - get a hair cut, get car detailed (I got a great Groupon deal!), get house cleaned (hoping that DH will be on board with this).  Nothing major, just some minor things to ease my crazy pregnant mind!  It is so beautiful here today, this is why we live in Maine! Oh, I also had my first charlie horse this morning!  It hurt so bad that I couldn't even get out of bed to walk it off.  Luckily DH was there and was able to massage it out in a few secdons, but my calf is still sore!

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Warning, this is slowly going to turn into a rant.  Feel free to scroll past it.


I too have only gained 15lbs.  The people I work with are amazed at the fact that I still move around as if not pregnant, and can't believe that I've only gained 15 lbs.  I run up and down a huge staircase multiple times per day (often forgetting I'm pregnant- yesterday I was in a full sprint because I forgot something!) and get plenty of exercise.  Such a huge difference from my first pregnancy where I gained around 60lbs (though in my defense I was on "bedrest" and homeschooled by a tutor  home-teacher as I was in my senior year in high school).



Since yesterday my stomach (the organ!) has been killing me.  It just feels sore and crampy.. it feels bruised.  I  was craving something greasy so I obliged yesterday and had a burger and fries.  I feel like since it had been so long since I've eaten junk, it screwed me up.  At least,  I'm hoping that's it.  Anyone know what it could be?  It's not my uterus, fortunately!



Right now I'm trying to kill time... I have to be at work at 12 today.  When I take public transportation I leave two hours ahead of time just in case, and if I get there early I just start early which is awesome money-wise.  I asked my husband to bring the kids to his mother's house (she watches them) on his way to work.  He told me that his mother would actually be here at 10:00am to watch the kids.  And then he changed it to 10:30, and she'll take me to work.  Come to find out it's really 11:00 that she gets out of school (she normally doesn't have school this day and I'd have found other childcare plans or changed my shift had I known this!) and won't be here until 11:15-11:30.  


So there I was, waiting, waiting, waiting.  Didn't make the kids breakfast because they had just woken up and would be fed by my mother in law when she got there.  Then I thought she was picking us up, so I prepared to just stop somewhere and grab them something.  NOW it's cutting it too close to give them an actual meal and I had to fix them something quick, which was a Nutella and peanut butter sandwich.  And I'm going to be late to work.  

Because my freaking husband is too LAZY to wake up 15 minutes earlier to drop the kids off with his mother (or SIL or his grandmother in this case).  



I'm really angry I guess because I had a terrible day at work last night.  I shoot tourism photography.  It gets chaotic, especially in the summertime.  We had a few chartered cruises that we had to shoot, so it was chaos.  I left someone else in charge of the money and sales because I couldn't be six people at once and had to do the physical photography for everything.  Come to find our money bag hanging open.  Come to find out we're missing a small amount of cash.  Small, yes.  But not a great add on to my track record for work.


Today is just a terrible, terrible day.  And I have to go to the courthouse tomorrow and serve my civil duty.  Yippee.  So much fun...

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Wow, this thread blew up this week! 


Swimming... Hmm I love water. Regardless of if I am pregnant or not! I'm trying to make it down to the community pool, but it feels a little awkward going there by myself. =/ I'll probably buckle down and "just do it" soon though because it's still pretty hot. 


Camping... Good for you ladies! My mother went camping often through her pregnancy with me and she had two other little ones wiggling around. I'm pretty impressed by her now. (: 


AFM, I feel a little bit better than last week... but not a whole lot. I'm realising that I should be looking at PPD "fixes" because I might run into that being cooped up all alone. x( Frusturating... and not to mention it makes me feel pretty week as a person. =/ I'm also feeling suddenly huge. Like I don't want to move anymore. *chuckles* I feel like I can't breathe either, which must mean my baby's pretty high. This is going to get worse? bigeyes.gif Any remedies?


I'm still working a bit and will through the end of my pregnancy. It's pretty simple work though... just a lot of continuous standing and sweating under the heat of the lights. 

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