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I too live in a "great district," but homeschool. Initially because my child was not ready for the large crowd of kids at public school and because there were so many opportunities with homeschooling for novel learning experiences. Then she got into acting and now we homeschool for performing arts reasons. 

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I would still homeschool.

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I am not sure.  My family moves a lot, so we have had our kids in and out of school in various combinations.  


We love homeschooling, but then, my kids went to an international school last year and loved that too.  Right now, we are in a horrendous school district, so we homeschool.  Next year, we will be in an amazing district and we'll do what?  I don't know, but I think we may try school again.  Or we may stick with homeschooling.  Huge sigh.  I don't know how to handle it.  

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I think it depends entirely on you and each child.  I did HS pre-K but found my DS's education was very lopsided.  He excels at science and math, but hates to write and I do not really care to make him practice.  We decided to try PS kinder and see how the fit was.  He loved it, he still hates to write, but does better at school since everyone has to do it.  We still do our own thing over holidays, breaks, and weekends.  It also allows him an environment away from his sister's needs.  I volunteer at the school a lot, so everyone there knows me and he knows I am always there.  we are keeping him there for 1st, but if it had not worked, I would be HS this year.

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Thanks everyone for your replies! They mean a lot!

To KDorrain, if you see this, I had a question for you. If you were high school aged, and you had the opportunity to take classes (one at a time, or however they do it) at the local community college, while still in high school, would you have liked that in place of going to public school? I know every kid is different, but I want to have my kids go to our local CC as soon as they are able so that they can get used to more structured types of classes....
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As a HS child, I agree with the posters that "what works well now might not be what you do later."  I really, really wish I had been allowed to go a high school (public or private).  Homeschool was pretty isolating, and though I did have friends and activities to some degree, I had no real idea of how to study on someone else's timeline or deal with peer and professors (observing negative behavior is not the same).  I could have benefited and gained so much confidence from the opportunities high school offers.  Your kids might not be college-bound, or maybe they won't be interested in what the high school has, but I encourage you to just take it year by year and do what works for each year, and each child.  I am not homeschooling my kids right now, (my DH is the SAHD, while I work FT), but if I were a SAHM, I might have considered it.
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