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Thanks for the good thoughts, everyone! I'm home, which is more comfortable (not attached to 2 monitors, a pulse-ox, and a BP cuff!). I had some realllly bad pain for awhile and cried for about 10 minutes, which is very unusual for me, so I called my doctors office and asked if I could take percocet (I have some from surgery last year) and they said yes, but in the meantime I peed and I might've passed the stone? My pain is much better since then (w/o percocet). My mom (who is a nurse in an OB office) thinks the contractions may be from having an irritable uterus from the kidney stone, which makes sense. Thankfully the contractions themselves are not painful. And the baby is doing well - he was great on the monitor, and he's moving around now (which frankly HURTS when he moves on my right side, but I can usually move him back over to the left). 

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I'm glad you're back home and feeling better, eleuthia


I wasn't planning on popping back in at all today because I'm supposed to be writing, but I just had my first honest to goodness contraction!!!!!!!!  I peed and as I was walking back into the bedroom to write I felt a huge menstrual-like cramp kick in.  Since I've been associating those with needing to go #2, I turned around and went back into the bathroom.  I did not need to use the bathroom it turns, out, and it got worse when I was sitting down and I sort of ended up hung over the couch to let it subside, but it didn't get any better with position changes or bathroom use, so it was the real thing.  Pretty cool.  I think it lasted about a minute, though I could be wrong because I wasn't timing it because I didn't really know what was going on at first.  It hurt though, which I'm strangely happy about because at least I know what it was. 


At any rate, nothing else so far other than some minor lower back pain, so I'm hoping I can finish these citations before this baby arrives!  I probably have at least a few days if not much longer in reality, of course, but it's sort of exciting to have an actual contraction for once! I feel sort of like I spotted a wild animal or something.  Weirdly elated.  Ok, back to work.

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eleuthia - So glad you're home and feeling better! I hope the worst is over for you w the kidney stone. Sending healthy, happy vibes to you and baby!


Lily - Yay for productive contractions! Even if birth is still days away, its pretty amazing to know you've taken your first steps down the path. :) I still can't imagine what that day is going to feel like.


The unpacking continues here, so do the BH. I may need to be more careful but it seems like every time I bend over I get one. They aren't painful just uncomfortable. It's a pain to not be able to just get this stuff done. I'm trying to be patient but it gets a little frustrating and the fact that I have almost no ability to focus these days isn't making it any easier. Grrr. Oh well...it will all get done eventually. We have our 37wk appt/GBS test on Monday. I'm really hoping it comes back negative. I just want to avoid having a hep lock. I'm such a bad patient, anything medical just doesn't sit well with me. Fingers crossed! I hope everyone's having a great weekend. Can't wait to welcome more babies!!!

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Eleuthia - So glad you're home again and in less pain.  I hope the process will be over soon.


LilyTiger - Fingers crossed that you have more!


LeAnn - I have to give you major credit for managing a move at this stage.  I can barely manage to get my dishes done!


No progress here.  I worked the last two overnights, and had lots of pain and contractions (but no painful contractions) both nights.  But the minute I get home and rest, they disappear.  This has been happening a lot.  Looks like I'll be stuck in prodromal labor for the next couple of weeks.

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Hope you did pass the stone, Eleuthia. I can't imagine the pain. I am glad you are able to be at home resting!


Lily, yay about the contraction! That's exciting. They are still totally elusive to me and I'm not even really noticing the bh, so maybe this baby will be inside for a long while yet.


Fingers crossed for you, LeAnn. Hoping the unpacking can move along as you like, at a comfortable pace. 


Boots, I hope the nights have been getting a little easier and that next week is a breeze. I am sure it will fly by!


Great news, Sarah and Lakeruby about being near clearance for homebirth!


Penny, so wonderful that baby is doing so well and your bp and protein are responding well to rest and the meds! 


AFM, No contractions to speak of. We're going to pack the hospital bag tomorrow and I think we've bought what we really need to buy. I had an appt on Thursday and since things aren't moving along she didn't do a cervical check, but she does want to do one next week. We'll see how I feel about that then.

I'm measuring on track in terms of fundal height and baby has a good heart rate, and my bp was down from last week but still higher than usual (but not in a prehypertension level).  Seems like my weight has kind of evened out...I reached 34 lbs total gain, so maybe I'll be further from 40 than I was anticipating. She said he's still head down (I can tell, he loves the position he's in, butt on right side facing what I think is the placenta on the left). But he hasn't really dropped, which has me a little concerned. He's got to have dropped somewhat because I'm not getting heartburn/indigestion, but she still thinks he's pretty high. Should I be concerned about this? 

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Eluthia - I'm glad you're home and hopefully feeling better, what a drag! To put it mildly...


LilyTiger - Oooooh so exciting!!!   I remember my first actual contraction too, I was like - WOW! This is it!  Okay...baby didn't come for another 3 days, but it was still very very exciting :)


Nothing much to report here, my cell has crapped out and it's my source of internet so I'm currently playing hooky from doing chores and "grocery shopping". Groceries are shopped, now I'm parked outside the library for wi-fi lol!

I hope said phone smartens up soon (ah ha smartphone and all).

I don't feel anywhere near 38 weeks pregnant and it seems like baby is shrinking not growing LOL


Have to do more driving tomorrow to another family BBQ, my feet should be sooooo nice to look at by then :p


I'm not complaining, really! But since when does a 38 week preggo with three other small kids have to bring several dishes to a pot-luck event? I didn't volunteer at all...in fact I never even got a direct invite to this event, my MIL just asked if we were coming and I said sure. But somehow I'm required to bring a pile of food LOL   Really, I don't mind, it just seems odd.

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Hi all.  I am happy to report that after nearly 48 (frustrating) hours of waiting for labor to begin (after my water broke on Wednesday) and a 1/2 cup of castor oil our little one arrived yesterday!  Our daughter, Eulalie Vivian, was born at home, in water, on her father's birthday.  My labor was super intense and was only 3 hours long, but we are all doing well. She is wonderful and was well worth the wait.  

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Congrats justchanti!
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Huge congrats Justchanti! What a birthday present for her papa. I love her name, too! Baby #6! I am enjoying counting off the babies!


andaluza, thanks for asking. I made it to work Friday and though the day, although it was rough for awhile. Sleep is a little better, just unpredictable. Hope your appointment goes well Wednesday.

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chanti ha! I used castor oil for my first too.. :)


tizzy I'd skip bringing food and just claim pregnancy brain :)


andaluza DS1 never dropped till labor, so I wouldn't worry..


LeAnn amazed that you are unpacking-- I could barely move the last week or so of my pregnancy!


lilytiger keep thinking of you, wondering how the fitness is going? you have been inspiring!





So far the twins have been easier then my first, I think I was just so unprepared for DS1 that I was blindsided by the whole experience and this time around (ironically) I am much more calm then I was with him.


My parents are here but it has sort of been as i feared but a bit worse because my Dad doesn't do anything but load the dishes and my mom is afraid to do anything (even cooking? wtf?!?) because she seems to need an insane list of instructions for anything/everything and when I say 'just do it/wing it' she ends up not doing anything ... So depressing. Yesterday she made plain quinoa for lunch after asking me how to do it the entire time like she had never used a stove/water/pans before..  and declared it a major effort then went to take a nap.. My DH and I have been essentially cooking/shopping/caring for them its all worse then I feared. .. they go to bed at 8pm sleep till 8am. I am really exhausted and even after I gave them a detailed list of ways they could help with concrete task, it seems to have made no impact and I am sort of at a loss.. Even more discouraging is that the person we got to help dog walk/babysit BOTH went on vacation this week until end of August.. which is when we needed/hired them for.


My stomach also still looks 4-5 months pregnant, I am wondering how long it will take to go down (if ever) with DS1 I was more or less normal 2 weeks PP and right now its just depressing-- its not loose skin at all, but it looks like Im literally still pregnant... oh well.

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Andaluza - He might not drop until right before labor.  Sometimes it happens weeks in advance, sometimes not.  And it is no indication of labor starting sooner or later - my Sprout has been down for months, but is showing no signs of coming out anytime soon.


justchanti - Congrats on your baby girl!  I added you to the birth announcement thread.


Tizzy - I'd be so peevish over that!  People should be feeding you at this stage, not the other way around.


ithappened - Do you have names and stats for me to post in the birth announcement thread?

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Andaluza, I was a little worried about that too, especially because mine DID drop at around 37 weeks and then popped back up again for some unknown reason.  I'm due in one week and this kid still seems pretty high.  Guess we'll wait and see.  Since I'm due in one week, I can be your guinea pig.


In other news, I FINISHED THE #(%&#(&@  MANUSCRIPT!!!!!  The whole freaking thing.  It was sent out to editors today and I'm not looking at it again until they either reject it or send it out to reviewers.  Phew.  I felt such an amazing load off and I was in such an amazing mood today that I think I seriously underestimated how much this was weighing on me.  I really really did not want to be looking up citations while learning how to nurse a newborn.  Now I have a full week to two weeks of total chilling (apart from some minor administrative stuff).  I am so excited.  Now to do some minor nesting projects and enjoy what's left of this beautiful sunny day!



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Congrats LilyTiger!  w00t!

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Yayyy JustChianti!!  Congrats on your baby girl!  Hope you are both doing well and thoroughly enjoying each other.... and getting your rest!


LilyTiger - that's wonderful, good for you!!  Enjoy yourself now, you totally deserve it!  ..... Any new contractions happening??


Eleuthia - glad to hear you're back at home, I hope by now you're feeling much better and that perhaps the stone has passed.....


FeralFox - overnight shifts do not sound fun at all, I hope you're not on your feet most of that time??  Hopefully you've not too many more shifts left to go.....


Tizzy - you are such a good sport!!  I agree w/Feral that people should be volunteering food on you and not the other way around....


ItHappened - hello!!  So glad to hear that you're adjusting well to your new babies, and I hope you're healing nicely from your surgery too.  How frustrating about your lack of support there though (between the needy parents and the paid help who've bailed on you).... hang in there.  Judging from how active and athletic you've been before/during your pregnancy, I'm sure that your body will be bouncing back in no time, or at least well ahead of most people!!



Well, still no signs of labor here and EDD is tomorrow - so understandably I'm feeling very impatient!  I really thought/hoped baby would come this weekend - although there's actually no urgency schedule-wise (since DH's family doesn't arrive until Aug 11-ish giving us plenty of window for the "first week alone w/baby" rule that I've imposed!)   We've been making the most of our bonus weekend alone here - getting out to the movies, taking walks, making nice meals.... and finishing those last-minute nesting projects!  Yesterday I scrubbed the tub, floors, bathrooms, and I've lost count of how many times I've vacuumed lately!!  Unfortunately, all it got me was some very sore, tight joints and more swellling - so I can barely move now - still none of those cramps I've been anticipating.  I'll be sitting in front of the fan w/my feet propped up for the rest of the evening now.... 2whistle.gif

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Yay! Chanti! Congrats on Eulalie's birth. What an incredibly beautiful name! Happy you are all doing well.


Ithappened: Holy smokes, sorry about the parents. I bet you guys can almost not wait to have life back to normal. Twins! I still cant get over it! I am so happy for you that things are going smoother then the 1st time around. Thinking of you mama!


Lily! (apparently I have a lot of exclamation point energy tonight!) Congrats on your first cntx. Fun stuff. Seriously, to realize that your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to is awesome!


LeAnn, good luck with the finishing move. I know how hard it was, I did it with my first. But actually, it was kind of fun too because I got to get all my "nesting" urges out. 


Tizzy, that's a load of crud! What are people thinking? 


Feral: How much longer do you have to do overnights? Thinking of you mama. That must be a challenge.


Joy: Yay for your edd!!! Enjoy relaxing now until baby gets here. Go see a movie or something fun, I wish I could do that, but alas, with a toddler, I haven't been to the theatre in years!!!


Sorry if I missed anyone, AFM apparently exhausted. Completely wiped out from dd's 2nd birthday party, and having to explain to everyone that baby might not come for another month! (Only 37 weeks around here)


well wishes mamas!

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Lilytiger, OMG, earlier I saw someone had said "Congrats Lily" and I thought you had your baby! I freaked out! I was like, the girl feels one contraction and now she's a mama. Ha. I love your description of spotting a wild animal. :) Congrats on finishing your manuscript.


Andaluza, did you finish your hospital bag? We are pretty much done with the "labor bag" but the overnight bag needs lots of work. At least we have a pretty complete list now.


NewMumJoy, happy EDD. Wishing you lots of peace and rest as you wait for your little one. xoxo Can I just say that I have loved having you here in our DDC, you are so sweet and thoughtful. Will be thinking of you this week!


AFM, 5 days of work ahead! 39 weeks on Thurs. Yikes. Should be MUCH easier than the conference was Friday, since I'll be at my own school in my own room, etc. During the only really taxing thing, I scheduled a doctor's appointment, like I mentioned, so hopefully I'll just be hanging out and collecting a check.

No really exciting contractions, ugh, my constipation is back as I had to start taking iron pills again because I was experiencing fatigue and some other fairly obvious anemia signs. Also trying to stick with the EPO although I've missed a few doses. It seems to have helped with the general feeling of swelling and yuck in my hooha, too, so bonus.


Oh and GREAT news, it's been stormy and will "only" be around 100 all week, they say, I hope they are right!

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