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Diaper Rash Help

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My LO keeps getting a diaper rash. We had switched to disposables so that we could use a zinc based diaper cream and it eventually went away, but as soon as we went back to cloth it came back. Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of it or what might be causing it? 

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all my kids have dealt with some for of diaper rash or other. we've tried making sure our detergent for dipes was really clean and doing a 2nd rinse--always. frequent changes, airing out as much as possible and if that fails, look into possible food sensitivies.


we've used burt's bees diaper cream that is zinc-based and put a disposable liner in the dipes which seems to help with absorbancy issues...


for DS1, we had food sensitivities that needed to be dealt with but so far with DS2 it seems like i just need to change more frequently and keep diaper off when possible (so hard with a boy!) can't remember with DD.....



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is it possible that its a yeast rash? they tend to be pretty persistent. goldenseal, calendula or black walnut powder will help if it is :)

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