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Anyone in the Toronto area? 


I know Toronto has a group, but it looks like it has been dead since 2011. 

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Hi! smile.gif

We're in the west end, etobicoke. How about you?
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West end of downtown, little Portugal. 

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I'm in Scarborough.
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Well there's three of us at least.


I'm looking for midwives currently. Crossing my fingers some of the emails I sent will get a reply. 

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I am in Toronto, too! :)

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Beaglesmuggler I never check this thread because its so dead smile.gif have you found midwives yet? I have used Midwife Alliance for 3 of my pregnancies and was very happy with them
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Kensington midwives might be close to you.
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So, when are people due? I'm due in late March.


I did find a midwife. Kensington Midwives!

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Glad to hear you found a midwife! Sorry I couldn't offer any input, I am from the east-end, anything west of Yonge is foreign territory to me!


We are due end of January :)

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I'm in Toronto too, southwest Scarborough. I used to be a lot more active on these boards but with 3 little ones now and I babysit my 16mo niece all week I barely have time to think lol

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Hi everyone!

Big-time lurker here, but I couldn't resist replying to other Torontonians! We're currently in Pickering (grew up in Scarborough) where I'm a sahm to my three wee-ones (5, 7 and 8). Would love to chat with other local mamas!

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We just moved to Toronto (Canada, for that matter) 3 weeks ago. We're living in Midtown right now but will be moving close to the High Park area in a few weeks. :)

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Hi Kis95, I am trying to convince DH to move further east - Ajax or Pickering. Houses are just so much larger and affordable out that way! I want a cookie cutter house in a family subdivision :)


Welcome to Toronto (and Canada), eniksel!

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Hi eniksel, hi Ms. Rabbit!

Eniksel, how are you finding Canada? Have you moved to High Park? Dh and I lived there (Indian road) about eight years ago, and I miss it!

Ms Rabbit, whereabouts are you? We've lived here about four years, and were closer to downtown (beaches) before the kiddies. I would love to move back; dh's office is downtown, and the commute from Pickering is terrible!
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Yes, we moved here a month ago. How am I finding Canada? Brrr, cold! :D (and I know it's not even really winter yet)


Thanks for asking! :) If you move back, how about to High Park, and then we can get together! :D


Have a good weekend!

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