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heartbeat at 10 weeks?

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I just got back from an appointment at my OB office......i've never actually seen my doctor (i don't even think he's EVER in that office, EVER, NO exaggeration) so I see the nurse practitioner there. 

I really disliked her last time. I declined the AFP and she pressured me and basically treated me like an idiot. *rolls eyes* 


so anyways, I'm 10 weeks and I just went in to hear the baby's heartbeat today. she couldn't find it. why they don't have an ultrasound machine IN the room is beyond me...i've never been to an office that didn't have one, but i guess thats just me being spoiled. :P


she was saying that the uterus is too deep to hear the heartbeat still............but.....i can feel my uterus when i lay down.  it doesn't pop out the way it will in a few weeks or so, but i can definitely feel it. i can feel the top of it where it ends and i've felt it for weeks...growing....and i'm pretty sure bladders don't steadily grow over the course of weeks. 

TMI but i was doing it with my boyfriend (lol@terminology) and my uterus got a little hard and DID protrude enough for us to BOTH feel it. o_O


she insisted that i am NOT feeling my uterus, there is no way. 

i told her, since apparently she is unaware, that i'm not an idiot and i've been pregnant more than once before.....i know what i'm feeling!

she didn't feel for it, of course, besides jabbing her hand into my pelvis....aren't you supposed to feel above where its expected, for the ridge? and then continue down until you actually feel it?!  i mean, thats how its always been done on me, i assume because you don't want to be shoving your hand hard into the uterus like that. 

anyways, she was just pressing on it, but not really feeling it, if that makes sense? 

i feel like thats why she couldn't find the heartbeat, she had the doppler thing on my pelvic bone almost the whole time!


anyways, am i wrong for being irritated? 


should she have been able to hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler today, at 10 weeks? 

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PLUS, i was in that office not even two weeks ago. she made a special appointment so she could hear the heartbeat....WHY NOT wait 4 weeks until my next actual appointment if there would be a good chance the heartbeat wouldn't be heard?!? 


what a waste of time and gas. 

and energy. 

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I just had my first "official" appointment this past Monday at 9w+3.  OB#1 (who I happen to like) checked things out with the u/s, but when I asked if I could hear the heartbeat she told me it was too early adequately find.  The thing is, I had been spotting only a week before and had gone in for an emergency visit.  At that time, I saw OB#2 in the practice (who I also liked), and he was able to find the heartbeat for a moment.  I didn't want to say to OB#1 that OB#2 was able to find it, and just figured she didn't bother trying because if she couldn't find the heartbeat, I might get worried or something.  So I guess it can be a bit difficult to locate that early, but at least it's easy to see the flickering on an u/s, so it's weird that they don't have one.  


I agree though, she should have known it would be difficult to locate and just schedule the appointment later on rather than inconvenience you for nothing.  As for your uterus, it's my understanding that it's now the size of a grapefruit.  I don't think it's that far-fetched that you'd be able to feel it.

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I can definitely feel my uterus.  When I lay on my side, especially.  It's heavy in there!  and I'm 10w 2d.  I'm overweight, but I've lost 7 pounds due to being unable to eat and my pants are much tighter, so it's not hard to figure out why.


I understand the uterus *is* pretty low right now (which I think is sort of why I feel it better when lying down, less gravity--but then, I've had three pregnancies and I'm sure the muscles are far less toned), and that even a Doppler might not pick up the HB at 10 weeks.  But if you've heard it once, OB#2 should've at least tried, especially when that was the point of the appt.  I agree that if they weren't going to listen to the HB, why bother?



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As a Nurse Practitioner, I always feel bad when I hear about negative experiences. I am wondering why she actually saw you today (from an NP point of view). If you were just there 2 weeks ago, and you have an appointment already scheduled in 2 weeks...I mean, she has to have a reason to bill your insurance. If it was to check for a heartbeat, she should have done an ultrasound. I think 10 weeks is too early to definitively hear a heartbeat with a doppler. Did they do anything else today? or was anything abnormal from your visit 2 weeks ago e.g., high blood pressure, any complaints to follow up on (pain, spotting, etc)? If not, what a complete waste of time, money, gas, etc.


I completely agree with you that you're uterus should be palpable. Like ISOSandOSIRIS mentioned, it's about the size of a grapefruit. If I were her, I would have asked you to show me where you feel it. (I realize this doesn't help you now) or I would have said to her "feel this right here" and put her on the spot, so to speak.


I hate to hear when any practitioner - be it a doctor, nurse practitioner or office tech - dismisses what a patient tells them. After 22+ years as a nurse, I can tell you that literally *anything* is possible. NEVER say never.  My advice - insist on seeing the doctor or another provider in the office. Do NOT go back to this women. Not only did she waste your time today, but she ignored what you were telling her and made you feel like an idiot - this is NOT the therapeutic relationship you want or need from your OB provider. 

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wow. that is a bit out there.. i have been able to feel my uterus since about 7-8 weeks (baby #4) i also have had issues with other people not finding my babies HB unless i tell htem to look higher than they normally would - even my first baby they tried to find her HB at my pubic bone at 11 weeks and couldn't , when they tried higher , there it was, like 2 inches higher.. also having the placenta in front can make it hard to find at this stage - mine seems to be in front and it is hard to find but still possible, i found it the first time at 8w2d! (i have a doppler) 


any chance you can find a new practice ?

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While I agree that 10 weeks is pretty early to hear hb's with a doppler, I think it's ridicuouls that you went in to hear them and you didnt get an US. WTF, what was the appointment even for? I agree that you should be able to find your uterus. This is my third pregnancy, and i've been able to feel exactly where it was since about 6 weeks. I was taught that you should start closest to your pubic bone and walk your fingers up until you get the feeling that your fingers have "dropped of the last step" so to speak. As in, it should feel like you are walking on solid ground and then all of the sudden like you are trying to walk your fingers on liquid. Mine is currently almost to my belly button, but Ive got two babes in there, so that may make a difference.

If you are this uncomfortable, this early, have you considered finding someone different?
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Thanks guys, I feel so much better after having read your responses. I was mostly irritated about her arguing with me about my uterus. And once I got home I thought about how silly it was she even wanted me to go out there for another appointment JUST to hear the heartbeat when she knew it might not even be *heard*! lol

  I was like, "Am I just being a pregnant b-word?!?"  lol   

But I am definitely going to get a new doctor....one I can actually see.  My insurance won't pay for a birthing center, but they WILL pay for a homebirth...and I feel like I'm running out of doctor options here unless I switch to a whole different insurance! *le sigh* 

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I hope you can find a practitioner you're happy with! 


Just to mention my experiences, with my DD, I don't think they were able to find the HB at my 10/11 week appointment.  With this baby, I just had an appointment with my midwife on Monday at exactly 11 weeks.  They found the heart beat for two brief moments but then lost it quickly.  The baby is still small and darting around quickly. 


My midwife was definitely able to feel where my uterus was, though and I think I can too!  I would be annoyed too.

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