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The ONE Thread - July 22 - 29

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WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for July 22 - 29!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


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joy.gif ~ GRADUATES~ joy.gif

Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant


 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


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Thanks for the new thread, Mayday!

I've decided not to chart or temp at all this month since we'll be camping around my O time. I'm just going to let nature take its course, and whatever will be will be!
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I guess I can be moved to Waiting to Know. Haven't been there in awhile. lol


Think Fertile Thoughts!

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Originally Posted by Stevi View Post

I guess I can be moved to Waiting to Know. Haven't been there in awhile. lol


Think Fertile Thoughts!

Stevi, I just noticed your new siggy... When do you think you'll be able to adopt?

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CDsMom1031...   I plan to do foster care and adopt through there. And, I can't do that until I finish school (I went back for a degree because of the 2008 recession). Right now I have 2-3 years left, but I may go for a larger degree, which will lengthen that. Meanwhile, I'll continue to TTC, mainly because it seems like a waste not to try, even though I obviously have some sort of fertility problem.

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Good morning everyone! Hoping this cycle will be the one for me, good luck to all of us!

I have a massage today, I did something to my back at the end of last week and was in a lot of pain when doing certain activities (getting in and out of the car was the worst) and was having a hard time getting in a comfy position to sleep. Reminded me of being pregnant for the last half or so winky.gif Anyway, it was bad enough I scheduled a therapeutic massage for today and while it is better today than it was, I am hoping this will get rid of the rest of it because ouch!
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Ladies, I wanted to ask your opinions. Sorry I don't have an online chart so I'll explain:

Based on historical data (starting January 2012) my post-O temps have always been 98 or more.

This cycle I had very low temps from CD12 - CD16 and when I look at my chart it looks like a huge shift on CD17. However, I didn't hit 98 till CD19, LH strip showed darkest on CD17 and EWCM on CD 16 - 18. Based on those three things I pegged my O date as CD18, the low temps are throwing me off and make me wonder if I should consider CD16? Also, BBs usually get heavier around O date and this cycle they started feeling heavy on CD14...

Just curious to see what you think, ultimately it's a difference of 2 days, not significant.

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Can you move me to the graduates?  Finally got a nice dark BFP last night, 20 DPO.  


My Chart

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Quinalla, Hoping your massage brings some measure of relief!


Dakipode, I have nothing to offer since I still have no idea what's going on with my own fertility.  Hopefully some of the more experienced ladies will be able to offer you some advice!

NearlyElated, Congratulations!!!  joy.gif  Wishing you a healthy and happy nine months and beyond!!!



Nothing new here. I bought some OPK sticks, but I'm refusing to use them or do anything else to chart my fertility this month.  DH and I plan to DTD every other day (at least), beginning on CD 12, and we'll see if that gets us anywhere (well, I haven't shared that plan with him, but I'm almost certain he'll be on board, lol).  Otherwise next month I'll be back to temping and starting on the OPKs (doesn't make sense to do that this month since I'll miss all the key data when we're camping August 3-7).  I did start taking 75mg of B6 since CD2 to try to lengthen my LP.  Question for you ladies - if I start taking B6 at the beginning of my cycle do you think that will mean I'll O earlier than last cycle, or will it just extend my LP, thus making my period "late" (later than I expect it).  No idea what to expect!  I did take 50mg of B6 last month, but I often forgot and towards the end of my cycle I felt so hopeless that I wasn't taking them at all.  I'm assuming it will take a few cycles to regulate with the B6, but just wondering how it works.


Here's hoping this month amounts to a BFP!!! 

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Okay so after TTC for four months (and spending a possibly unhealthy amount of time in this forum), then a miscarriage back in March, and then taking a few months off I'm ready to jump back in.  I'm 2wwing it right now.  We only kind of officially decided to try at the ninth hour this month and I'm pretty sure we made it under the wire so there is a chance.  I'm expecting AF around the 2nd and feeling much calmer about the whole experience than I was last time.

My plan right now is to try for a couple months and then take a break (a summer baby next year would be complicated) and then start up again in December.


Good luck everyone!

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Would anyone be so kind as to look at my chart. WTH is going on? My temps seem so low, and no clear rise, but by CM I must have O'd. So confused.

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Lenny, your chart kinda reminds me of mine from last cycle...kind of all over the place.
Sorry I can't offer any help, but at least you're not alone! Hopefully your cycle has a more positive result.
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Thanks for the new thread!

Congrats to the BFP!!

Stevi--Fingers crossed for you being on e of those lucky women who decide to adopt then BLAM get pregnant.  If not, that's such an awesome thing for you to do!! :)

AFM--Charting, charting, charting...  I forgot how addictive that little blue squiggly line is! hahaha  I'm checking my chart more than once per day, as if somethign new is going to happen.  I'm curious to see if I'm ovulating every month (or ANY month).  I stopped BCP at New Year's.  We'll just have to see!

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Thanks StudyStones, good to know I am not alone, at least. I am thinking that the flat temps earlier in the month mean my thermometer was on the fritz, so I bought a new one last night. So who knows. FF just gave me crosshairs this morning with an O day of 18, but based on CM and the possibly broken thermometer, I'm not convinced it wasn't 16, which wouldn't be unheard of, though I think 17 or 18 is more usual for me. Thanks for giving me a place to obsess, everyone. eyesroll.gif


Sleeping Beauty -- I do the same thing, checking it more than once per day! Like it's going to magically tell me that I'm pregnant, ha.

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SleepingBeauty...   lolol I decided to adopt back in 2006! I even started the process, but things didn't go as planned, and then the recession arrived...

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Stevi: Wishing you a swift and positive 2WW!

sleepingbeauty: I forgot how addictive charting was too! I'm doing my level best to input my temp in the morning and not look at it again each day, but only succeeding about half the time.

lenny1027: I think you O'ed CD16 or 17. Fertility Friend doesn't have a great track record with guessing the O day on slow rise charts like yours, where the temp levels off then rises some more. On the other hand, if you accept FF's date then when you start testing you'd either be right on or further along than expected, so that would be a good thing too!

StudyingStones: It's kind of freeing to not worry about charting for a month! I find it to be at least smile.gif

AFM: Should O in the next 2-4 days, just waiting for a temp rise so the 2WW obsession can begin smile.gif
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Originally Posted by sleepingbeauty View Post

AFM--Charting, charting, charting...  I forgot how addictive that little blue squiggly line is! hahaha  I'm checking my chart more than once per day, as if somethign new is going to happen.  I'm curious to see if I'm ovulating every month (or ANY month).  I stopped BCP at New Year's.  We'll just have to see!


I'm guilty of this too! (one of the main reasons I'm enjoying NOT charting this month!)  I would enter my temp in the morning, and then look at it 5, 6, 7, 10 times a day.. I have no idea why. As if it would suddenly print with big words across the screen "HEY GUESS WHAT, YOU'RE PREGNANT!!"  If only!


I'm only on CD 7 or 8 (I think) this month and greatly enjoying not charting.  Hoping that this will be my month now that I'm out of my head, but only time will tell!  I wish my cycles were shorter so I didn't have to wait 32 days! LOL

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Yeah, I forgot how addictive charting can be too. I'm really bad about checking a lot when I am close to O like maybe it will suddenly decide to mark a day down as my O day redface.gif

lenny: I think you may have O'd earlier too, if it makes you feel better your chart looks like mine sometimes do.

Studyingstones: Thanks, my massage was very nice and helped a lot. Just going to keep on doing heat and some ice until the rest goes away.
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Hi Everyone,


Can I be added to the 2ww? I'd add a link to my chart, but I'm not sure how! I don't even know if it'll be of interest since I'm not temping yet.


I'm on my first cycle TTC after having my IUD removed. I think I ovulated on CD 20 or 21 (based on OPK results, but it's tough for me to know for sure!) BD timing was good. Hard for me to know what my symptoms mean since it's my first natural non-IUD cycle anyhow. I am feeling twinges, pulls, slight cramping here and there - and waking up every night to go to the bathroom. Part of me wonders if they're pg symptoms, the other part of me thinks I'm just hoping and noticing every little thing!


BFN this morning - not sure if I'm 9 or 10 dpo. Was feeling like I'm probably out of the game, but then I started a bit of pink spotting today and a tiny bit of cramping and wondering if it maybe isn't implantation spotting? Maybe even 10dpo is too early for a BFP anyhow?


I'm officially obsessing and it's bugging me! I think I'm obessesing because the process truly is fascinating to me and also because I'm not sure what a 'normal' (non-IUD) cycle looks like for me anymore! I never, ever spot - and so this is so odd! I suppose it could be the start of my cycle, but it just seems different. We'll see in a short while, I suppose. Otherwise, my plan is to test again on Friday morning (although maybe I'll just blow another of my huge pack of internet cheapies and test again in the morning). I can't tell if testing everyday is good because it gives me something to do, or upsetting because of the negative results. I'm not nearly as patient as I thought I would be! I feel like I should just KNOW one way or another. :P


I've been following the rest of you all and always hoping for good news when I log in for everyone!

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can i be removed from the list

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