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I do.


I didn't want to , but a neighbour bought one for DD1 (for her 6th birthday) and it was out of the wrapping and being adored before i saw it.


The first thing i heard DD1 say to it was "your legs are so thin, let's go and make some dinner!".  And i realised that she has a lot of my filters already, and i decided to wait a bit and see how it went.  DD played "feeding her up", "making warmer clothes" and then lost interest.  After a few months in the toybox she became so scragged about i binned her and she was never asked about.


So while i'd never buy them one, i don't care much if they get given one.  I'm a healthy weight, and a dyed in the wool feminist, and *I* had a barbie when i was little (she was always riding her horse into fires to save people...).

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