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toy guns

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My dds have water guns and I don't really see a problem with them I guess because they don't look realistic. I recently bought some playmobil for Christmas and at least one of the sets has a realistic toy gun in it. I haven't had to deal with this issue much since I have girls but I am hesitant about letting them have the toy gun  in the set. I could easily hide and get rid of it but I just can't decide whether or not I am ok with giving it to them. My main worry is that they would kind of get obsessed with pretending to shoot things and ignore the rest of the set. Thoughts? 

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Guns never created very much of a problem in my home, though they were limited.

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My  boys love guns and will turn anything into a gun.  And yes, they point them at each other and pretend to shoot each other and the dogs and whatever else they can.  BUT the pretend gun play(they pretend to be cops and robbers, soldiers) does not take over their play.

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Is it from their "African Rhino Poachers" set?  I'm kidding, but don't they have *everything*?  I am likely to leave it, but it would depend on the context of the set.  But chances are, it would mostly end up on a tiny dinner table with all the other little food and stuff, surrounded by dogs and kitties and dinosaurs.  


Or, throw it in the Giant-Box-of-Lilliputian-Playmobil-Crap-We-Take-Off-Before-We-Gift-It-Thinking-This-Way-We-Won't-Lose-It-But-Now-It's-Lost-Anyway-Right-In-The-Box and it will slowly settle down, 6-, 8- or 12-inches down under and never be seen again.


I am not automatically opposed to toy guns or gun/weapon play, so I would tend towards leaving it, especially if I knew my kids aren't gun crazy like some kids tend to be.  If my kids were like that, I think I'd hide it/throw it away.  No need for the Lilliputian toys to be terrorized, too.  

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If your dds are going to get obsessed with guns, a one centimeter long piece of plastic isn't going to make a difference. If they haven't shown much interest in guns yet (I'm assuming they are at least 3 and have come across the concept), it isn't likely they are going to get into them in an extreme way. Most likely it will just be a small prop in some good guy bad guy story until it gets lost. The kids who are very interested in guns will use anything as one. Having realistic looking ones isn't what makes those kids interested in them. 

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My son's interest in guns only increased after we moved in with my partner who didn't want them in the house. I found it quite difficult to cope with sometimes. When he was a baby I had taken an anti-gun stance and decided I didn't really want him playing with toy guns.


Then I thought about it and realised that so much of play is fantasy and that we should all be free to indulge in fantasy if we choose. I personally don't see any harm in fantasy and pretend violence as long as the child is seeing kindness and a non-violent approach to life modelled around them in real life. Some people enjoy violent fantasy more than others which I think is true for adults and children alike. I have talked to him about the reality of guns and how dangerous they are and how they are designed to kill people and do kill people. I want him to understand them in that context as well as in play.


Since toy guns were banned in the house they became like the holy grail. He couldn't walk past one in a shop without picking it up and coveting it. He has a 'secret stash' in the attic of his toy guns which he is desperate to get to whenever he can. They went from being just something that was played with occasionally to something very exciting. I think that is the danger with not allowing something specific like that.

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