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Natural ways to prevent Pertussis?

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Hi Everyone,

My son is 6-months old and we have not given him any vaccinations. I've been reading about this outbreak of pertussis, and although I've read that it is more so affecting children who have been vaccinated , I'd like to do all I can to prevent this.

I do give our son probiotics and Vitamin D. Are there any other recommended things to do? Since I am breastfeeding, are there any things that I should be sure to include in my diet that will help his immune system?

Thanks for any ideas.

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I was about to say vitamin D and probiotics, and then I saw you are already giving him those things. I would also have sodium ascorbate in the house, so I could start giving it immediately at the first signs of a cold. Pertussis starts out with cold symptoms, and you don't know it's pertussis until the cough gets pretty bad, so there's no harm in giving sodium ascorbate for a cold even if it is just a cold.


I think I read somewhere in this forum that if a breastfeeding mom takes sodium ascorbate, some of the vitamin C goes through to the breast milk, but I'm not sure. If so, this would be a preventative thing only--it would not be enough to fight pertussis once a baby had it.

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Just thought I would post this link.   My son came down w pertussis and wished I would have had this info earlier.   Although the coughing is more extreme the amount of coughing was nothing compared to other coughs he has had.  He hardly coughs but tthen when he does his eyes water.  He did not whoop either.




I do almost everything to boost his immune system-vit d,elderberry,coconut oil,juicing, green smoothies,probiotics, cell salts etc etc  but he still picks up everything.  I do think his version was not as bad as some get it so all the immune building helps.

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In order for breastfeeding to be most advantageous in preventing illness, you should share the same environment with your child and also breastfeed directly (vs. pumped). By sharing environment you'll be exposed to the same pathogens that your child is....whether it's a person or inanimate object. If baby is playing with a toy at a playdate, handle it also.


It's such a seemingly cute behaviour but even when baby puts his fingers in mother's mouth it is priming mother's body to build antibodies to what her child has touched.

All foods that baby consumes, mother should have a sample of also. Many viruses and bacteria ride in easily to the body via food and drink.


Lastly feeding from the breast, feeding baby directly from your breast, enables his saliva to come in contact with your nipple/areola and allows more exposure to your baby's body and what he has been in contact with. Within hours the correct antibodies are made to protect him.


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I think sodium ascorbate is effective indeed.The medical studies from the 1930's and 1940's are impressive (sodium ascorbate for treatment of WC).

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