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extracurricular activities

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Do you put your kids in any extracurricular activities/groups? I haven't yet (they are 3 and 6 years old) and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible. I believe that it can be too overwhelming not to mention expensive. Sometimes I feel bad and guilty that they don't get to experience some cool things that others do. I'd just rather live a simpler life where they go to school, have the occasional play date and spend the rest of their time at home or with relatives. It's how I grew up and I don't recall ever wanting more but things are different nowadays. I must admit that my reluctance is partly for selfish reasons. I'm shy and socially awkward and don't want to have to deal with stuff (like selling girl scout cookies? No way!) Do any of you feel the same way? 

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I think you have to look at your children's personalities.  I used to think along the same lines as you, but my daughter is super outgoing and very physical--she adores her gymnastics class and swimming lessons.  (My husband and I have decided anyway that the ability to swim in a must-have skill in our home.)  She is much happier, and has much less attention-seeking behaviors, when she is active and social.  My son is a little on the quieter side, he might do a lot less than her and be ok.  If your kids don't have the interest and you're not inclined, then I think you're doing just fine!   

I do think that organized sports have gotten a really bad rap, and oftentimes for many good reasons.  However, I think there can be some great benefits to them if the child is inclined and the parents are mindful about what's happening to their child when they're involved in the sport. 

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I do not think that there is anything wrong with your philosophy.  Often we go overboard in this area.  

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Dd goes to gymnastics two days a week and Girl Scouts( i am the leader) every two weeks.
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My son started t-ball when he turned 5. This week he'll finish his second season. He has practice or a game 1-2x per week. It's been a great experience, truly fun for the whole family. I think it's helped a lot with his balance and strength and he loves playing with kids from school.

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